Set Pics from Final Destination 4

I think Final Destination 4 may give us what #3 lacked. Well, that's wishful thinking, but the race car crash that kicks off Death's latest patch-n-fix job better be more thrilling than the yawn-inducing roller-coaster fiasco.

Bush Stopped House of Re-Animatior?!

For those who were looking forward to the return of Herbert West as the Re-Animator, you may want to put that dream on deep freeze for a while. It looks like the fourth installment in the series, House of Re-Animator, won't be going anywhere.

Exclusive Clip From The Mist!

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you’re a heathen. You didn’t see The Mist in theaters and have yet to buy it on DVD (which you can do here). You can start down the long road of redemption by checking out this exclusive clip from The Mist courtesy of Dimension Films!

AVP Comics on Your Drive

Remember when the title Alien Vs. Predator didn’t elicit a slight gag reflex? I do, back when it was a comic book series that we only hoped would make it to the screen someday. Careful what you wish for. If you need to relive those days or just find out why the crossover was so cool to begin with, look no further than IGN’s Direct 2 Drive service, which was just loaded up with all of Dark Horse’s Alien, Predator and Alien Vs. Predator issues!

Joy Ride 2 Trailer!

Though we still have months to wait before Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead comes home, that’s no reason not to have an early trailer, right? Right! This time, the story follows a group of friends on their way to Vegas who make the fatal mistake of stealing a car belonging to our friend Rusty Nail after their beater breaks down. Vehicular insanity ensues.

Cast Set for Apocalyptic Legion

Who do you think could stop an apocalypse that was set to take place because God lost faith in his creation (humans, not kangaroos)? I mean, really, if God wants to wipe us out, I doubt there’d be much that could talk him out of it. But that’s why we have fictional stories about the end of days; to prove my ass wrong!

Lohan's Just a Manson Girl at Heart

If there's any chick in Hollywood today who I could see aligning herself with Charlie Manson, it’s Lindsay Lohan. So it’s not too surprising that word came down the wire today that Lohan has officially joined a cult called Manson Girls and … Oh, wait, that’s the title of a movie.

X-Files 2 Teaser Poster

I still can’t bring myself to care too much about the upcoming X-Files 2, but I know you guys do and I’m here to serve.

TLA Writes an Epitaph

Though over the last few years I’ve come to rely less and less on Asian films to offer up real scares, Korea’s been a country that never seemed complacent just churning out the horror movies they thought the rest of the world wanted. From all accounts, Epitaph is a strong example of that.

Dreamworks Nabs Queen Writer's Spook Story

Oscar nominated screenwriter Peter Morgan (The Queen) didn’t always write touching dramas about royalty; at one point he penned a ghostly script called Hereafter, and Dreamworks has optioned the script for a low seven figures. I doubt that includes decimal points...

Fear House Comes Home April 1st

Ask anyone, I'm a sucker for a good haunted house flick. There's just something about a good ghost story that gets my blood pumping. On next Tuesday it looks like there will be a new reason to be afraid of the dark as Michael Morris' Fear House hits DVD.

Producer Talks Priest, Dracula

With the shake up over at New Line, a lot of projects that were once a glimmer in the eyes of producer Mike DeLuca are in danger of being shelved. But that’s never stopped the man before.

Strange Happenings on the Wolfman Set

I wasn't too sure about running this, but the following "set report" that was forwarded to STYD does make for an interesting read for those of us following Benicio del Toro's Wolfman remake.

Zombie Strippers Dance into Theatres

So, what is better than strippers? Free strippers? Nah. Strippers without drug habits? Meh. Zombie strippers with a hankering for human flesh? Thank you, Sony!!!

Wallace Joins the Devil

More good casting news came down today for Ti West’s upcoming House of the Devil, which is currently in front of cameras.