Jonah Hex Script Green Lit

STYD got word today that Warner Brothers has officially given the thumbs-up on the script for the upcoming film Jonah Hex.

Exclusive: Death Walks the Streets Prequel Comic Debuts

It's been a long while since we've heard anything from the Death Walks the Streets camp, but today creator James Zahn dropped us a line that included a look at the cover of the prequel comic that is set to debut this summer!

A Bit More Saw V Casting News

Oh yes, there will be blood, and sequels, and traps, and confusion! The Saw franchise has long been one to leave the viewer with more questions than it does answers. Can Jigsaw succeed in carrying the torture torch for yet another three films (despite being dead) starting with Saw V? Lionsgate seems to think so, and since we're talking about a series that revels in surprise, it's impossible to write them off just yet!

Hit The Road this Thanksgiving!

Nothing goes better with turkey and dressing then the dismay and horror brought about by a nuclear apocalypse! Open up and say, "Ahhhh" ....

Nightmare Man & The Mist Signings

There's no doubt one of the standout films of last year's After Dark Horrorfest (DVD Box set review here) was Rolfe Kanefsky's entry Nightmare Man.

Wild Man of the Tribeca Film Festival

I got an email the other day from The Wild Man of the Navidad co-writer/director Duane Graves (along with partner Justin Meeks) asking me to pass along word that their film has been selected to screen at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival starting next month as part of Tribeca's Discovery series spotlighting the works of emerging filmmakers with fresh voices.

Gutterballs DVD Specs and Art

Fangoria got the early word on the upcoming slasher bowl-a-thon Gutterballs (review) courtesy of Ryan Nicholson of Plotdigger Films, and things seem to be shaping up quite nicely.

Wolf Man Producer Speaks

I must admit after seeing what the creature will look like, I'm now more than a little geared up for this upcoming "reimagining" (Wow am I starting to hate that word) of this classic tale.

Repo! The Musical Trailer!

I'll make this quick... The lucky freaks over at AITH scored the trailer for Darren Lynn Bousman's musical horror flick Repo! The Genetic Opera! There's music, babes and blood! And at the very end there is a date of 4/25/08. Is this the final release date?!

Red Band Ruins

When we think of the term "Red Band Trailer", doesn't that usually conjure up images of violence, boobs, and/or swearing? The best way to sell a horror film to the horror crowd is to show them that the flick isn't going to dick around, but what do I know...

Padalecki Cast in Friday Remake

The first bit of casting news has broken for the upcoming Platinum Dunes remake of Friday the 13th and thus far things aren't looking too bad. Cross your fingers and take a deep breath.

Train's Uncensored Trailer Chugs In

What is it with all these remakes of films that once starred Jamie Lee Curtis? On that note, what's with all these trailers today? Good god.

Exclusive: Hickox's Sundown Hits DVD This Halloween!

Though we don’t have any solid details on it yet, a very reliable source just let us know that Lionsgate has plans to release Anthony (Waxwork, Hellraiser III) Hickox’s “lost” film, Sundown, on DVD this Halloween!

Come Dance for Clive Barker

This is a bit of a strange news piece, but it does involve Mr. Clive Barker and a chance to be directed by him so...

Prom Night TV Spot Reveals Much

Thanks to Joey M. we've been directed to the second TV spot for the PG-13 Prom Night remake. In this clip we get to see how the killer escapes from his cell, his motives, and a victim or two. At least this clip does a better job of selling the film than the one we saw yesterday that involved scary lamps (“MySpace's Prom Night Clip” – March 2008)... Prom Night will be scaring the under 18 crowd on April 11th.