Myrick Preps Savant

"You'll meet this guy, have a beer with him, or whatever; a month later, you'll wake up and take everybody out at the car dealership where you bought your car.” That’s how The Objective director Daniel Myrick explains what happens when one has a run-in with the lead in the new film he’s planning, Savant.

Welcome to Doomsday County!

If you lived in a place called Doomsday County, should it really come as a surprise when you find yourself having to fend off hungry zombies, bloodsucking vampires, melting mad scientists, and alien invaders? That'd be like entering Uncle Creepy's subconscious mind and being shocked to find so much filth and madness.

Bio-Dead Looking to Spread Some Bio-Terror

Bio-terrorism takes on a whole new meaning in Bio-Dead, a new indie sci-fi horror flick from writer director Stephen J. Hadden about the horror that awaits a hazmat team looking for survivors following a viral holocaust.

House DVD Art & Date

No, we are not talking about a re-release of the stellar William Katt flick from the Eighties. This is a whole new hellish home ... one in which the power of Christ will indeed compel you!

The Weekend of Horrors Invades Chi-town!

With 2009 already in full swing horror-wise, you know that there's gonna be a lot of shows to get to in order to meet your favorite stars! And where better to start than the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors?

Frank Sudol is Anti-Human & We've Got a Trailer that Proves It!

With his first two features, City of Rott (review) and Dead Fury (review), Frank Sudol proved animated zombie splatter could be an absolute blast. Well, strap yourselves in, kids, because his next feature, Anti-Human, is set to keep the blood running like a river!

Tunnicliffe's Got a Pinhead

Oh, man, this is just sad. Gary Tunnicliffe is one of the best FX guys in the business. If anyone’s going to take on a new Pinhead design, I’d be happy with what he could come up with, especially since he worked on the design for the last few direct-to-DVD entries. Even though his phone never rang when Dimension started planning their Hellraiser remake, that didn’t stop him from trying!

Offspring Trailers Preys on Your Innocence

Only a few short months ago during Montreal's Fantasia festival we reported that Andrew van den Houten, producer of The Girl Next Door, was set to begin shooting his adaptation of Jack Ketchum's cannibal killer sequel Offspring. Today we received word from van den Houten that the official trailer is live (see it below), and all the Offspring webisodes can be viewed at Modern Cine's YouTube channel.

Anchor Bay Films Acquires Not Forgotten

The Slamdance Film Festival wrapped up a few weeks ago, and today we got news of the first theatrical distribution pick-up from the fest so far: Myriad Pictures' Not Forgotten starring Simon Baker and Paz Vega.

F.E.A.R. 2 Launch Trailer!

Warner Bros. Interactive just dropped the launch trailer for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, which will find its way to stores starting February 10th. More action, more guns, more ghosts, more reasons to, as their ad campaign instructs, fear Alma again. Dig it below; then hit the links to pre-order yours today!

Exclusive: Minions of Ka New Site, Movie Deal!

I’m sure I don’t have to remind you guys of the badass zombie graphic novel we’ve been touting for a while now, Minions of Ka, created by some of the coolest guys we’ve ever met ... do I?

Teaser Trailer for Humains

We still don’t know what it is, exactly, that’s hunting down the explorers in Jacques-Olivier Molon’s Humains, but one thing is clear from the teaser that’s shown up online: It isn't pleasant.

DVD Releases: Bad, Bad Luck

This Tuesday, February 3rd, all sorts of masked antics are coming to DVD, including a fantastic retrospective on the entire history of the Friday the 13th series that features our own Uncle Creepy! Enjoy!

Exclusive Dread Pic!

It was pointed out to us shortly after posting our Dread set visit preview piece that the image we were given as an exclusive was not, in fact, an exclusive. So the folks behind the production were cool enough to provide us with a new pic that’s not been seen anywhere else.

Exclusive Stake Land, Cold in July Updates & New Art!

Just the other day we showed you guys some original concept art from two projects on the way from director Jim Mickle and writer/star Nick Damaci of Mulberry Street fame: Stake Land and the Joe R. Lansdale adaptation Cold in July. To follow up, we dropped Mr.