Stone Village Picks Up The Field

Talk about writing to fit a small budget; Variety reports that newbie scribes Sean Wathen and Josh Dobkin just sold their first script to Stone Village. The film is called The Field and is set in an endless field where a group of strangers wake up with seemingly random items scattered about. They’re then tasked with finding a way out of the field.

Huge His Name Was Jason Signing in Burbank!

With the release of His Name Was Jason right around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to have your DVD signed?!? If you're in the Los Angeles area, Dark Delicacies is putting on a signing that you just cannot afford to miss!

Huge Underworld Auction

Premiere Props announced today that they will be hosting a charity auction of never before seen movie props and costumes from Sony Pictures’ Underworld, Underworld Evolution and the soon to be released Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which hits theaters everywhere on January 23, 2009.

Badass Dead Snow Poster

I love movie posters. I especially love movie posters that have cool friggin' zombies on them. The official one sheet for the Nazi zombie fest Dead Snow debuted today, and it's got me foaming at the mouth!

Outlander One Sheet Now Online

Vikings and creatures in space. Has a finer idea surfaced this 0ear? The Weinsteins' Third Rail Releasing has released the official one sheet for Outlander as well as the official synopsis. Dig!

Behind-the-Scenes Videos of Dante's The Hole in 3D

Excited about Joe Dante's upcoming 3D flick The Hole? I know we are. Dante is a legend around these parts, and his return to the big screen is most welcomed! Now that the film's getting closer, some exclusive behind-the-scenes videos have surfaced! Get ready to dig.

Harris & More Back for Zombie's Halloween 2

Arguably one of the best parts about Rob Zombie's Halloween was Danielle Harris. Say what you want about the movie; she hit it out of the park! Thankfully it seems as if Danielle is coming back along with another familiar face from the first film, Daniel Roebuck.

Official Poster for Grace

Childbirth can be a frightening prospect. Especially when said child isn't exactly a happy and healthy little girl. Paul Solet's Grace explores the unthinkable and delivers one of the most visceral experiences you'll have in a theatre this year. Speaking of which, the official poster for Grace has just surfaced, and as always we've got the goodies for you to peruse!

First Images From French Zombie Film The Horde!

Over on the MySpace page for the upcoming zombie movie The Horde, a stack of the first proper stills from the movie have appeared in the form of a slideshow. Nothing too exciting, other than serving as further confirmation of how fucking cool this movie looks.

Motion Picture Purgatory: The Unborn

A twisted kind of review of David Goyer's latest stinker from Montreal madman Rick Trembles!

First Look at Terminator: Salvation Comic Prequel

We first heard about IDW Publishing's plans for a Terminator: Salvation comic prequel back when the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con was in full swing, and now we've got more details along with a look at the cover of Issue #1.

Twisted Clip from Hit & Run

The folks at MGM just dropped us a clip from the direct-to-DVD thriller Hit & Run, which is in finer DVD stores everywhere today. The story follows a girl who hits a man with her car, impaling him, and the consequences of the decisions she makes to try and deal with it.

Exclusive: My Bloody Valentine Red Carpet Interviews: Jensen Ackles, Tom Atkins, Jaime King, Patrick Lussier, & More!

Our intrepid LA crew were on-hand for the red carpet premiere of My Bloody Valentine 3D and even managed to get some people to talk about the film before being not-so-kindly escorted off the premises. Look, it’s not our fault that “society” says we “have to” wear pants all the time, is it?

Trailer for Hickox's Knife Edge!

We’ve been following Anthony Hickox’s return to horror, Knife Edge, for a while now, so you can imagine how happy we were when we found the trailer over on production house Seven Arts Films’ website. All right, I say “we” but obviously I mean me. So sue me.

Art & Trailer for Dark Reel

The DVD art for Dark Reel (review) has shown up online, and for reasons that will be obvious when you click on it to see it full-size, we’re pretty damn happy with it!