Twisted Clip from Hit & Run

The folks at MGM just dropped us a clip from the direct-to-DVD thriller Hit & Run, which is in finer DVD stores everywhere today. The story follows a girl who hits a man with her car, impaling him, and the consequences of the decisions she makes to try and deal with it.

Exclusive: My Bloody Valentine Red Carpet Interviews: Jensen Ackles, Tom Atkins, Jaime King, Patrick Lussier, & More!

Our intrepid LA crew were on-hand for the red carpet premiere of My Bloody Valentine 3D and even managed to get some people to talk about the film before being not-so-kindly escorted off the premises. Look, it’s not our fault that “society” says we “have to” wear pants all the time, is it?

Trailer for Hickox's Knife Edge!

We’ve been following Anthony Hickox’s return to horror, Knife Edge, for a while now, so you can imagine how happy we were when we found the trailer over on production house Seven Arts Films’ website. All right, I say “we” but obviously I mean me. So sue me.

Art & Trailer for Dark Reel

The DVD art for Dark Reel (review) has shown up online, and for reasons that will be obvious when you click on it to see it full-size, we’re pretty damn happy with it!

Caveman Joins Halloween 2 Cast

In a strange bit of casting news, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, best known as the lovable Geico Caveman, has joined Tyler Mane and Ezra Buzzington to become part of the cast of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.

Radha Mitchell to Fend Off The Crazies

Radha Mitchell. How we love us some Radha Mitchell. STYD got word today that the Australian actress will be joining Timothy Olyphant on Breck Eisner's upcoming remake of the George A. Romero classic The Crazies.

Jaime King Talks My Bloody Valentine 3D

Jaime King dropped by the set of G4TV's "Attack of the Show" to talk gore in the third dimension as well as Sin City 2, and of course we've got your ticket to check it out!

Paintball Teaser Trailer

What happens when you head out in the woods to play an innocent game of paintball and then find yourself being stalked by someone with live ammo and a blatant disregard for the rules of the game? Things get bloody and you get our attention, that's what!

Top Cow Preview: Witchblade #123

The fine ladies, gentlemen and ... others ... at Top Cow Comics have offered up a four-page preview of Witchblade #123, which hits shelves on Wednesday, January 14th. For those of you not following along, the story goes a bit like this;

New F.E.A.R. 2 Video Footage!

The minds behind F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin have just released some brand-new footage showing one of the cooler aspects of the game, which is out on February 10th, 2009; the Elite Powered Armor (EPA) suit. Sure, there are some creepy and ghostly aspects to this sequel, but you it’s obvious you’re going to need some serious firepower to deal with ‘em.

Trailer & Poster for Anthony Waller's Nine Miles Down

The guys over at Quiet Earth dug up the trailer for a new Aussie flick called Nine Miles Down, which comes to us from Storm Warning/Long Weekend screenwriter Everett de Roche and Mute Witness helmer Anthony Waller. That’s a very sexy pedigree, if you ask me.

Cold Spots: Billy's Bar and Grill

Aberdeen, WA - Stopping in to an historic old building for a bite to eat can be a dicey game. On the one hand, the food is great and the atmosphere is second to none. On the other, however, there’s something there that you can’t quite put your finger on. Maybe it’s the phantom figures of scantily-clad ladies that lurk in the upper floors. Might be the miserable-looking sailors who disappear before anyone can ask them what ship they’re on. More than likely, it’s the bartender.

DVD Releases: Monsters & Valentines

Yetis, valentines, vampire, werewolves, dinosaurs; the small amount of horror DVDs hitting shelves on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009 have a helluva lot to offer!

First Friday the 13th TV Spot

The first “official” TV spot for Friday the 13th has appeared thanks to the guys at The Movie Box, which you can feast thine eyes upon below. The MPAA recently gave the Platinum Dunes redux the coveted “R” rating, so any fears of them going for the cheap shot and looking for a PG-13 may be allayed.

Buzzington Signs for Halloween 2

All right, more small news on Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, which for some reason we’re just going to keep telling you about. Most filmmakers would wait till all their cast is in place before making announcements, but where’s the fun in that? Zombie’s fans need to know what’s going on right now, lest they be distracted by something shiny out of the corner of their eye.