Exclusive: Behind the Zombies of I Sell the Dead!

This Halloween season we had a great idea for a series of articles detailing the practical makeup effects done by some our favorite guys in the industry. They love talking about their craft, we love hearing about it, and Fango doesn’t do ‘em any more, so here we are!

Day & Date for F.E.A.R. 2 Download!

Lazy gamers rejoice! Warner Bros. just announced that it will be distributing F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin via digital download on the same day the game hits good old-fashioned brick and mortar stores!

Trivia Contest to Attend Halo-8: Films That Kill

Our buddies at Halo-8 Entertainment have put together a quick trivia contest in which the first ten people to respond with the correct answer get free admission to the "Halo-8: Films That Kill" Closing Night Party on Tuesday, October 28, at The Engine Theater in Hollywood.

DVD Releases: Halloween Horrors!

This is it, the last big list before Halloween! Check out the horror DVDs coming out on Tuesday, October 28th, 2008!

Travis Betz's Bartokular is Here!

Halloween is now literally just around the corner, and to celebrate, Travis Betz, the sick genius behind Joshua (review), one of my favorite indie horrors of the last few years, has prepared a brand new series of shorts for Atom Films!

Teaser for Post-Apocalyptic Aftermath

“The world ended on a Tuesday.” While it’s enticing to think of, I hope we can get through one more Halloween before it does. Actually, that’s the last line in the wicked teaser trailer for Aftermath, a new film coming our way from the Great White North, which you can check out below.

UK Zombie Show Dead Set Starts Tomorrow!

We’ve told you guys about the upcoming UK show “Dead Set”, which will be premiering on E4 tomorrow, but it took our intrepid reporter Nomad to point out the quite extensive sub-site setup for the show on over at E4’s site.

Art & Specs for Netherbeast Incorporated DVD!

Though we showed you guys a new and improved poster for Netherbeast Incorporated not too long ago, the film’s DVD distributors, Well Go USA, decided to go with the older art for the DVD cover. I guess we can’t really complain, though, cause at least this much-loved horror/comedy is finally making its way home soon.

New Pics from Humains!

A brand new group of images have come to light for Jacques-Oliver Molon’s Humains and though you can see one on your right, a lot more are awaiting you over at Quiet Earth.

First Night of the Demons Pics!

The pic you see to your right is one of a whole slew of new images from Adam Gierasch’s upcoming Night of the Demons remake, which is rolling as we speak!

The Weekly Wrap-Up: October 18-24, 2008

The week of October 18-24, 2008, was all about trailers, trailers, and more trailers -- for some highly anticipated and much discussed re-imaginings of classic genre films along with quite a few promising indies. And we got posters. Lots of new posters were revealed over the past seven days as well.

Stunning New Clip from Repo! Online!

Another clip from the musical epic known as Repo! The Genetic Opera has just hit online, and this bit of head-bobbing goodness is a real keeper! Dig on the video below, and scroll all the way down when you're done to order yourself a copy of the Repo! The Genetic Opera soundtrack (review here)!

Hutchison's Vampire Killers Online!

Why go to the theaters this weekend to see the latest ho-hum remake or sequel when you can stay in and watch lesbian vampires and blood-soaked carnage in the comfort of your own home?

World Zombie Day is This Sunday!

We first told you about it back in early February, so it's understandable if it's slipped your mind, which is why we're reminding you that this Sunday, October 26th, is World Zombie Day™!

Win Zombie Bukkake Swag from Joe Knetter

Few writers have caused as much of a ruckus out there in the fields as my partner in crime -- our own Joe Knetter. To say he's something of a phenomenon is well ... well ... well, at least his ass is! Now that his newest book is right around the corner, it's time for a giveaway of sticky proportions!