F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin Winners Announced

Alma is waiting. Are you ready? Grease up your guns, and pack your ammo heavy because Dread Central in association with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have put together a contest geared specifically to help you face your fears!

Jane Austen Vs. The Living Dead

Someone either has way too much time on their hands or they’re a genius. Maybe they’re a genius with way too much time on their hands? Whatever the case is, the person is Seth Grahame-Smith and the book is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’ll just let that sink in for a moment...

Joss Whedon to Appear at New York Comic Con!

Still need a good reason to brave February in New York? Well, if the fact that Dread Central will have its very own booth at New York Comic Con (#1161) isn’t enough, how about an appearance by “Buffy”, “Firefly” and now “Dollhouse” creator Joss Whedon?

Thriller Musical Confirmed!

Remember back in November when we did a little story about he possibility of Michael Jacskson’s “Thriller” coming to the stage? Well, looks like it’s going to happen whether the idea thrills you or terrifies you beyond the capacity for rational thoughts. Not sure which side of that fence I land on...

DVD Releases: A Whole Lotta Huh?

A bunch of stuff you’ve likely never heard of hits DVD this Tuesday, January 27th, 2009. Will there be a gem or two among them? Only one way to find out!

Exclusive: Composing Grace, A Chat With Austin Wintory

Generally, horror film scores don’t really do much to distinguish themselves within the genre. That’s why composer Austin Wintory knew when he started working on the score for Paul Solet’s Grace that he needed to do something different.

Exclusive Offspring Pic & Webisode!

The guys behind the upcoming Jack Ketchum adaptation, Offspring, just dropped an exclusive webisode in our laps, detailing the making of the film, as well as the exclusive new pic you see to your right. Pretty badass, eh?

Preston Jones Joins True Blood

Not a helluva lot of news, really, but anything about the next season of “True Blood” is going to be interesting to me and other fans of the show, so why not feed out the tidbits? Variety has learned that Road Trip II: Beer Pong thespian Preston Jones has landed a recurring role on the second season of the Alan Ball series, though who he’ll be playing is unknown.

Battlestar Babe Talks Children of the Corn

It’s been a bit since much has been said about the upcoming remake of Children of the Corn, quite possibly the last in the line of Stephen King books that needed another filmed version of it.

Nite Tales Series & Movies Planned

For those of you who caught the debut of the Flavor Flav-hosted anthology Nite Tales on BET last Halloween who have been anxiously awaiting more info about it, we have some good news. THR reports that Flav and filmmaker Deon Taylor announced on the eve of the NATPE Market & Conference that Nite Tales is becoming an anthology series!

Carriers Synopsis & Trailer!

A while back I did an article about the upcoming horror movies making their way to us from Spain, in which was mentioned a viral outbreak movie called Carriers. Nothing was really known about it save that it was being helmed by Alex & David Pastor, but today we’ve learned oh so much more.

Wiseman Say Gears of War Planned Trilogy

Len Wiseman recently chatted with the boys at Bloody Disgusting and revealed both some good and bad news for his planned adaptation of the Gears of War video game.

Saw Sequel in 3D?

I guess if they want the Saw series to go out with some style, they should be thinking of gimmicks to make sure people actually go see it. Yeah, I know Saw V did over $100 million; it still sucked.

Parasomnia Screening with Masters of Horror Q&A!

The people behind Bill Malone’s Parasomnia just dropped us a line with the good news that the film will be getting a very cool, one-night only screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood on March 5th, 2009 at 7:30pm!

Timecrimes DVD Specs

Magnet has finally gotten around to releasing the DVD specs for Nacho Vigalondo’s Timecrimes, the Spanish semi-horror hit that’s been winning awards at almost every festival it's shown up at over the last year. In case you’ve been ignoring any and all info about the film, it follows a normal, everyday man whose curiosity about a topless sunbather leads him to a masked stranger in a trench coat, time travel, and, ultimately, murder.