The Weekly Wrap-Up: October 25-31, 2008

Any week that ends with Halloween is a good week, and October 25-31, 2008, definitely lived up to its potential.

Laid to Rest Clip!

Now this should make for a Happy Halloween; Robert Hall just dropped us an exclusive clip from his next film, Laid to Rest, which you can check out below! The story follows a girl who wakes up in a coffin, unaware of how she got there and pursued by a relentless madman in a mask.

Slaughter Poster Surfaces!

Getting excited for the next 8 Films to Die for? Hot on the heels of our exclusive look at the Butterfly Effect 3 poster comes another one for the film Slaughter!

New Romero Project Gets a Name? Island of the Dead

For those of us Dead faithful out there eagerly anticipating George A. Romero's latest trip into the world of the flesh eater, it's time to rejoice! The film finally has a name! At least, according to IMDB...

Exclusive: Butterfly Effect 3 Revelations Poster

With the next 8 Films to Die For just around the corner, we decided to see if we could dig up a Halloween snack for you guys to whet the old appetite! Of course we succeeded!

Bousman Talks Repo, Saw, Etc!

Darren Bousman is a man with lots to say. His journey with Repo: The Genetic Opera (review here) alone is enough to fill up a good sized book with scandalous stories, etc.

Reminder: See Cottonmouth and Other Goodies NOW!

You know why Halloween is the perfect day of the year? Because all the trick or treat candy we collect can really help to get rid of that nasty cottonmouth we usually attain from indulging in certain extracurricular activities! Well, that and the fact that Cottonmouth is now available for public public consumption!

Exclusive Interview: Dark Moon Rising: Ginny Weirick

Being that it is Halloween, we figured it's the perfect time to revisit our series of Dark Moon Rising video interviews. This time? The main chica, Ginny Weirick!

Poster & Trailer for Solet's Grace!

It’s been a while since much has been said about Paul Solet’s feature-length debut, Grace, but thanks to the upcoming AFM we finally can get an idea of how it’s going to look.

Terror From Beneath the Earth's Halloween Tease

For the past 2-3 years an enterprising filmmaker named Christopher R. Mihm has been making his own homegrown homages to the classic black & white sci-fi monster movies of yore. I reviewed his first, Monster from Phantom Lake, a while back. Since then he has produced It Came from Another World and Cave Women on Mars.

Sales Art for House of the Devil!

Now this is just a badass poster. I know it’s simplistic and maybe doesn’t tell you much about the film (what poster does nowadays?), but that’s the reason I love it so much; it fits the mood of Ti West’s House of the Devil perfectly.

New Friday the 13th Pics, Video

So we got to put up our Friday the 13th set visit yesterday and, personally, I thought it was pretty cool. Leave it to MTV to come along and show us up not only with some exclusive new pics from the film, though granted only two and nothing terribly exciting, but also a video report from the set!

Spooktacular 2008 Almost Done!

All right, so maybe I’m a little behind in pointing this out to you guys, but hopefully I’ll be forgiven since October is a notoriously crazy month for us, as you know.

Dinner for Fiends: Halloween Blowout!

Well here it is! You've waited all month for us to spew forth some love and or venom regarding our busiest month of the year and as usual we're pulling no punches.

Dead of Night Ready to Roll?

Sure, Watchmen and other big name comic book adaptations may be getting all the press, but the one I am looking forward to the most isn't full of spandex, it's the upcoming Dylan Dog adaptation, Dead of Night.