Behind REC 2

It’s in Catalan so I have no idea what’s going on, but since it’s a news broadcast about the filming of REC 2 from back in November, I imagine it’s the usual light fluff that doesn’t really tell you a helluva lot about what the film’s about.

Gaspar Noe Talks Enter the Void

Know what freaks me out? Near death experiences. That whole floating above your body thing, and the tunnel with the light? Friggin' scary prospect, man. Director Gaspar Noe hopes you feel the same way too as his latest film Enter the Void is getting set to terrify audiences everywhere.

NYCC: Random Acts of Strangeness!

The New York Comic Con has almost passed, but if you're wondering what type of shenanigans you're missing, Nomad and company have sent in some pictures from the show to bring a small sliver of it home for ya!

NYCC: Where The Wild Things Are Minis!

Minis. Everything is cuter when it's smaller. Except of course when we're talking about the brain of our President but thankfully those days are over! The creatures from Where the Wild Things Are have gotten the mini treatment and as always, we got a peek for ya!

NYCC: Twilight Figures Publicly Debut!

There are many, many, things to see and do at this weekend's New York Comic Con, and one sight to take in that could be of interest to you, dear reader, is the public unveiling of the Twilight action figures!

NYCC: First Look at Mattel's Ghostbusters Figures!

Nomad just checked in from NYCC to let us know that the first pics are finally rolling in, and they’re going to make you want to dance. DANCE, I tells ya!

Trailer for Sandler's Spooky Shortcut

The trailer for the first horror film being produced by Adam Sandler, The Shortcut, has shown up online and all in all I have to say I’m really not impressed. I don’t know why I would’ve expected something original to be produced by the guy whose not made an original film since the late 90’s; I guess I'm just an optimist sometimes.

Boston Underground 2009 First Announcements!

The cellar dwellers behind the Boston Underground Film Festival have just given word to Dread Central about this year’s lineup, and fellow East Coasters are going to be stoked!

NYCC: Diamond Select Plans Ghostbusters Mini-Mates!

Nomad just dropped us word from the floor of the New York Comic Con that Diamond Select is working on a series of Ghostbusters Mini-Mates! Details were not forthcoming, but I’m sure all four Busters will be represented, and hopefully a ghost or two as well. Maybe the Ecto-1 as an accessory? The mind reels with possibilities...

Two New F.E.A.R. 2 Videos!

Seems like a day doesn’t go by without something new from the world of F.E.AR. 2: Project Origin, but since it’s Friday we thought we’d give ya a double dose of dueling downloads!

Update on Herzog's My Son, My Son

Thanks to /film, we learned today that filming is set to commence in March on the Werner Herzog helmed production My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done. Cameras will roll in both Peru and the Coronado Island region of California.

Brand New Ghostbusters: The Game Trailer!

Atari has released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Game, probably one of the most anticipated video games in the history of mankind. Or at least since video games were invented.

Wild Man of the Navidad Stalks IFC

It was in October of '07 that I became one of the first to get a look at a new based-on-actual-events Bigfoot-esque flick The Wild Man of the Navidad (review) from one of the producers of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Another Beast From Yucca Flats?

Say what? A sequel to the 1961 z-grade cult favorite The Beast of Yucca Flats? Really? No joke?

Trailer for Christopher Smith's Triangle

The first trailer for Christopher (Severance) Smith’s return to straightforward horror, Triangle, has shown up online, and you may allow your eyeballs to take it in by looking below!