I Sell the Dead Wins Slamdance Award!

The folks at Variety never sleep, and neither do we.

Stills From Dark Woods

You know tons of bad things can happen in the woods. Especially dark woods. They're the worst. One time I heard about this chick who was on her way to her grandmother's and ... Huh? Oh. Anyway, a few stills from the new flick Dark Woods surfaced today, and we have a look-see for ya!

Black Devil Doll Gets Theatrical Run Before DVD Release

Word came out today from the Black Devil Doll camp that the movie will be hitting some theatres before it makes its DVD debut later in the year. Need to know when?

Blood, Boobs & Beast, and DVD News

You may have heard about the wonderful documentary Blood, Boobs & Beast on various horror and indie film websites over the past year or so about the career of independent horror filmmaker Don Dohler. The doc is finally on its way to DVD courtesy of Troma, and it'll come complete with what is arguably Dohler's most famous film, Night Beast.

NOTLD Megos Now in Stock!

Just a quick heads up to you all; the Night of the Living Dead Megos are now officially in stock! If you’ve been waiting to get one of these badass, one of a kind, limited collectibles … well now’s the time to stop waiting!

Born Creator Unveils Spiderhole

While Daniel Simpson is still waiting for things to move on the freaky stop-motion nightmare Born, he managed to get up the funding and time to shoot another film called Spiderhole.

Wiseman on the Future of Underworld

One would think that a trilogy of movies detailing the emo war between vampires and werewolves would be enough, but oh no. Underworld creator Len Wiseman talked about where he wants to see the franchise go now that the trilogy is complete.

Wanna Fight Off Zombies in Nam? Meet Shellshock 2!

Talk about under the radar. The sequel to the lackluster first person Vietnam War shooter Shell Shock is carrying with it a new twist -- your enemies are now undead! Enter Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, the first ever Vietcong zombie game.

Lionsgate Finds a Lost DVD Collection

It seems Liongate is coming out with a new collection of DVD releases under the banner of it being "The Lost Collection: The best movies you totally forgot about".

Laugier Thrown to the Dogs

Trade magazine Production Weekly has reported that Pascal Laugier is considering signing up to direct a mad canine thriller aptly dubbed Dogs.

Trailer for Mutant Chronicles

IGN.com scored themselves an age restricted trailer for the upcoming mutant mash The Mutant Chronicles (review here) and as long as you're of age and don't mind a little mayhem, I suggest you check it out. We don't want to corrupt today's youth or anything like that, ya know?

Martyrs DVD Art & Possible Date

Genius Products released the cover art for the hugely controversial and highly acclaimed French film Martyrs today. but the release date seems to be a little bit unclear at this point.

His Name Was Jason Screening Next Friday!

Planning to be in LA or the surrounding area next Friday? If so you ought to take advantage of the opportunity to dig on the stellar His Name Was Jason documentary on the big screen, along with some of the cast and the crew!

Two Clips From The Uninvited!

I don’t know if you’re looking forward to The Uninvited, a remake of the Korean hit A Tale of Two Sisters, but it’s out on January 30th, and you know, being a horror fan, that you’re going to be there when it opens.

Hulk Vs. DVD Details

If there was any doubt that The Hulk is still a force to be reckoned with, the over $135 million domestic box office haul by Ed Norton and Louis Leterrier's The Incredible Hulk (DVD/Blu-ray review here) has proven his incredible staying power as a Marvel comic icon.