Infestation Trailer Hits

The official trailer for Kyle Rankin’s giant bugs invade Earth film, Infestation, showed up over on Icon Films’ official site, but all you have to do to see it is scroll down a bit! For those not remembering, the horror/comedy follows a loser who is tasked with saving the world from giant insects after he somehow survives their invasion.

CBS Taps Barnz for Beastly

The folks at CBS Films are finally moving forward on their adaptation of the Alex Finn YA novel Beastly, bringing on board Daniel Barnz to direct the film, according to this morning’s Hollywood Reporter.

Monster Producer Tackles Gacy Memoir

Word came down via THR this morning that Monster producer Clark Peterson is returning to the world of serial killers with Dear Mr. Gacy. The film will be an adaptation of The Last Victim, the memoirs of Jason Moss, who corresponded with serial killer John Wayne Gacy during the last year of the killer’s life and narrowly avoided being killed himself.

30 Days of Night Does Juarez, Mexico

A lot of crazy stuff can happen down in Mexico; even worse when the undead are involved. IDW Publishing has announced the release of a new 30 Days of Night installment, this time centered in the rough little town of Juarez, Mexico.

Hellraiser Stuffed in its Own Box

Jesus wept! Anchor Bay has announced the imminent release of the Hellraiser Limited Edition Box Set, scheduled to hit stores on April 21, 2009. While the movies are great to have around, the striking thing is the unique packaging; the films are sold within their very own Lament Configuration, the infamous and horrifying box which is capable of summoning the twisted nightmares that are the Cenobites.

Get Ready for a New Obsession

Do you remember a little film from 1949 called Obsession that was rife with murder, lust, and mayhem? No? I didn't think so. Still, that's not stopping Hollywood from remaking it!

Reach Your Objective on IFC

One of the more interesting films to cross my path thus far this year is Daniel Myrick's The Objective, which pits a group of Special Ops soldiers led by a CIA operative against a sort of "Bermuda Triangle of ancient evil" in the Afghan desert.

Babysitter Wanted Update

It's been a while since we last spoke about Babysitter Wanted (review). I bet you forgot that it was hitting theatres this Friday!

Pontypool Finds Distribution via IFC Entertainment

Bruce McDonald's Pontypool will finally be seeing some Stateside distribution thanks to the good folks at IFC Entertainment who have been steadily giving horror fans good reasons to get excited as of late.

Mattel Gets Ghostbusters

For years and years we've been waiting for some quality Ghostbusters collectibles, and come June 2009 (which happens to be the month of my birthday *hint, hint*) we may just get them!

Eclusive ...of the Dead Updates!

While speaking with George Romero today about the "Tales from the Darkside" DVD release, I got a quick update on what's been happening with the still not officially titled ...of the Dead.

Black Devil Doll to Invade NYC & Portland

As we told you a couple of weeks ago, Black Devil Doll is finally coming to the big screen! It'll premiere at midnight on April 17, 2009 (the same weekend as Fango's LA Weekend of Horrors), at the New Beverly Cinema. Can't make it to LA? Well, if you live in or around New York or Portland, Oregon, you're in luck as it will be screening in those cities on the same night.

Dushku Takes It Off for Dollhouse

Never let it be said we don't look out for you guys. Though it's been delayed and relegated to the Friday night wasteland, finally on February 13th we'll have a chance to see if Joss Whedon still has what it takes to make a successful show when "Dollhouse" makes its long-awaited debut on Fox TV.

Ackerman-Owned Memorabilia on the Auction Block!

Now's your chance to own some truly one-of-a-kind horror memorabilia that was part of Forrest J. Ackerman's extensive collection. I saw the news on Excite.com today that sometime during the last week of April (the date's still tentative), Profiles in Horror will be putting thousands of Ackerman's items up for bid.

BBC America Announces New Genre Shows

Those of you out there with cable (pretty much everyone but my wife and me) will be happy to hear about not one or two, but three cool British shows making their way to BBC America later this year.