DVD Releases: Hi-Def Christmas Hellboy

Sorry it’s a day late, I hope some of you can eventually find a way to forgive me, but here are your horror DVD choices for Tuesday, November 11th, 2008!

Twilight Footage From Last Night's Heroes

Though I feel kinda dirty pointing it out to you guys, it’s only fair we keep up on our coverage of Twilight since the film hits theaters next Friday (get your tickets now!). During last night’s episode of “Heroes” some exclusive footage from Twilight was shown, and thanks to the wonder of this interwebs it’s already online!

A Dozen New Stills From The Children

Tom Shankland’s The Children has been blowing minds wherever it’s been played; we’ve got two staffers who have seen it (review is coming), and both couldn’t stop raving about it. I was hoping he’d follow up WAZ with something special, but The Children sounds like it's exceeded even those expectations.

New Last House Edition Planned

As is usually the case, a remake of a classic horror film (in this case the one coming up from Rogue) means a special edition of the original will make its way to DVD. In the case of Wes Craven’s Last House on the Left, it’s a long overdue catch up.

Baghead Hits DVD December 30th

This December 30th one of the more bizarre titles flirting with our genre, Mark & Jay Duplass’ Baghead (review), will finally be coming to DVD thanks to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. If you’ve not heard much about the title, I’m not surprised; I’ve been trying to figure out if it belongs on Dread since it started its festival run.

Check Out the First 15 Minutes of Left 4 Dead!

For a lucky few of you, tomorrow is a good day to be dead; that’s when Valve releases their public demo of Left 4 Dead, their new co-op zombie game which hits stores November 17th. To celebrate, Valve has release the first 15 minutes of gameplay, which you can feast upon below!

Russell Goes From Screen to Stage with Mindgame

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from The Devils and Lair of the White Worm director Ken Russell, outside of his segment of Trapped Ashes (review). Seems the reason for that is he’s moved from film to stage and his latest directing gig has been for Mindgame, a play written by Anthony Horowitz.

Anchor Bay Gets Red Mist

Anchor Bay just sent out a press release announcing their acquisition of Paddy Breathnatch’s Shrooms (DVD review) follow-up, Red Mist (aka Freakdog). The Bay will be putting Red Mist on DVD come February 10th, 2009.

AFM: Official Plot & Early Art for Luster

Just last month we got the first word from Adam Mason on the next film he’s working on, Luster, and during AFM both the first poster art, on your right, and the official synopsis were revealed.

AFM: Harold & Kumar Helmer Kills Zombies

Danny Leiner, the man who showed us that both road trip movies and Neil Patrick Harris can be funny again with Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, signed a deal during AFM to bring us another bizarre comedy that will make horror fans stand up and moan: The Corporate Zombie Killers.

AFM: Mason's Blood River Goes International

Epic Films has jumped on board as international distributor for the latest from The Devil’s Chair (DVD review) director Adam Mason, Blood River, thanks to AFM. You may recall that Blood River’s been out there for a while now but this is the first time it’s been seen by distributors and all went very well.

Yuzna to Produce Trio of 3D Horrors

Of all the strange things Brian Yuzna’s name has been attached to over the years, an Indonesian trio of 3D films is probably the strangest yet. Yet, Variety is reporting that the Re-Animator producer is working through Komodo Film, another foreign company Yuzna owns, to develop all three.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: November 1-7, 2008

Whew! Finally the elections are over, and no matter which side of the political fence you sit on, you can't deny that history has been made.

Death Race, The Perfect Christmas Gift?

Oh Death Race (review) ... what could have been a smart remake with just enough high octane carnage to balance it all out got the Paul W.S. Anderson treatment. We all know how those things turn out.

Vote for Miss Horrorfest!

The finalists for this year’s Miss Horrorfest contest have been selected, and it’s time for you to pick the winners! Just like in the most recent election, I know you guys are going to make the right choice not just for After Dark Films and Horrorfest in general, but for the country as a whole!