New Director for Dylan Dog

Here's a bit of odd news: Last year we heard that the live-action adaptation of the Dylan Dog comics was going to be directed by Snakes on a Plane helmer David R. Ellis (“Dylan Dog is Superman?!” – October 2007), but all that looks to have changed.

Woodruff Joins Cirque du Freak!

Our man Andrew Kasch was just at an Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem DVD event that was also attended by, among others, effects man Tom Woodruff (Tremors, Alien 3, Wolf, Starship Troopers, etc.). Tom gave the crowd in attendance the good news that one of his next gigs would be Paul Weitz’s Cirque du Freak!

The Undertakers' Resurrection

The road to getting your vision on video can be one hell of a struggle. Our buddy and filmmaker Kiven Head knows this well. For several months now he has been raising funds via a raffle so that his movie, The Undertakers: Road's End, can come to life (“The Undertakers Need Zombies” – February 2008).

What is The Scream Factory?

Every now and then we get these cryptic e-mails from people trying to drum up interest in some indie venture or another, but very rarely do they ever turn out to be anything.

1.8 Days of Mayhem?

Okay, so we know what can happen in 28 days. We even know what happens in 28 weeks. But a group of young indie filmmakers are out to show us that less time spent can be more, especially when it's in 3-D.

*UPDATE* Wicked Lake's Wicked Poster

UPDATE: We just received a cleaner version of the poster. Check it out on the right!

Cowboys for Christ on Hold?!

The movie being touted as the somewhat kinda-sorta unofficial sequel to the classic 1973 film The Wicker Man (review) has hit a little snag.

New Hellboy II Stills & HD Trailer

The title says it all; over at Yahoo Movies there is a brand new HD trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and throughout this article you can find six new production stills! Sweet nectar!

Paramount Goes Virtual with There.com

Thanks to the Associated Press, the news hit the Net this morning that Paramount Pictures is teaming up with MTV Networks and Makena Technologies to make thousands of video clips from Paramount's movie library available inside the virtual 3-D online worlds of There.com and vMTV.

The Sky Has Fallen on NIN

Today Dread Central reader Snake pointed us in the direction of a new trailer for an independent film titled The Sky Has Fallen (official site). Though we don't usually run stories for indie film trailers, this fan-made remix is set to the tune of Nine Inch Nails' "And All That Could Have Been". Check out the official synopsis below:

O.C. Star Up for Friday Lead

All right, we’re finally getting down to the nitty gritty casting for the Platinum Dunes remake of Friday the 13th, which starts rolling in Austin, TX on April 21st. Variety got word this morning that former “O.C.” starlet Amanda Righetti is in final negotiations to take on the lead in the Marcus Nispel-helmed redux.

A Six-Pack of Lionsgate Horrors

Good old Lionsgate; their DVD division can always be counted on to provide us with a constant supply of low budget fright flicks. Today I decided to help spread the word about six of the more low profile Lionsgate straight-to-DVD horror offerings coming in the next three months, starting from June and working backwards. Good news: none of them are new movies from Ulli Lommel.

Event Report: Monster-Mania 10!

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Monster-Mania is one of the best run convention series in the world. I feel that since I cover around 8 conventions a year, I’m qualified to say this! At every show I like to talk to vendors and celebs alike to see who is doing well and what their experiences are like. It’s the suit in me.

Comic Preview: The Darkness #3

Jackie Estacado is the heir to The Darkness, a power allowing him to create things out of the purest black of night…things that often bite. Though Jackie often leans toward the side of good, he is by no means a white hat. Jackie works with a powerful crime family as its most lethal weapon against their enemies. When he’s sent in, nothing is left but pulp.

Fans Ready to Bleed for Moonlight

We haven't done much coverage of the CBS series "Moonlight" other than Melissa's Look at the Moonlight Premiere, but it seems to have developed quite a loyal fanbase.