Brand New Ghostbusters: The Game Trailer!

Atari has released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters: The Game, probably one of the most anticipated video games in the history of mankind. Or at least since video games were invented.

Wild Man of the Navidad Stalks IFC

It was in October of '07 that I became one of the first to get a look at a new based-on-actual-events Bigfoot-esque flick The Wild Man of the Navidad (review) from one of the producers of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Another Beast From Yucca Flats?

Say what? A sequel to the 1961 z-grade cult favorite The Beast of Yucca Flats? Really? No joke?

Trailer for Christopher Smith's Triangle

The first trailer for Christopher (Severance) Smith’s return to straightforward horror, Triangle, has shown up online, and you may allow your eyeballs to take it in by looking below!

Dolan's Cadillac Teaser Art

Distributor Film Bridge International recently put up the first teaser art for Dolan’s Cadillac on their official site, as the eagle-eyed monstrosities at Quiet Earth noticed today.

First Teaser for S. Darko

All right, I will admit it’s a pretty cheap-ass teaser for S. Darko, the unwanted sequel to Donnie Darko that’s currently in the works, but admit it; you’re fascinated and want to see it anyway.

CW Gives Vampire Diaries a Shot

Sharpen those TV loving fangs Vamp fans! Variety revealed today that the CW Television Network has decided to give the pilot for Vampire Diaries the green light.

Hesseman Signs Up for Zombie's Halloween 2

Rob Zombie dropped the news today that Howard Hesseman has signed up with him for his upcoming Halloween 2. Zombie made the revelation through his Myspace blog (the modern man's press release medium), and revealed that Hesseman would be playing one Uncle Meat, owner of Uncle Meat's Java Hole.

New Artwork Revealed for Mum & Dad

Today the folks at Revolver Entertainment released the first look at the cover art for their May 5th 2009 release of the UK import Mum & Dad, which you can see below. So far this is the only detail on the US release of the film; mum's the word on any extras or special features that might be included.

Whedon Talks Large with Cabin in the Woods

IF Magazine released an interesting and rather optimistic quote by accomplished writer Joss Whedon today regarding the just beginning film project Cabin in the Woods. Whedon co-wrote the film with Drew Goddard, who will be directing, and has a lot of confidence in what they are trying to do.

First Look at Fox in Jennifer's Body

Over at Slash Film they just got their hands on this photo of Megan Fox from the upcoming Diablo Cody-scripted Jennifer’s Body, which comes to theaters this September.

Left 4 Dead DLC Officially Announced

It's no secret my favorite game of the past year is without question Left 4 Dead. Lots of folks have been complaining that it was on the short side of the fence, but to me? Killing zombies never gets old. Still, for the complainers out there Valve is set to deliver.

Saw Video Game Finds New Home

When original rights holder Brash Entertainment crashed and burned in a very spectacular way recently, it looked bad for the future of a game based on the Saw series.

Bone House to Release Late Bloomer

It's been called “wonderfully perverse” and “one of the best films that has come out of Japan recently"; finally Go Shibata’s Late Bloomer will be hitting DVD via Bone House Asia on March 24th, the company announced today.

Mandy Lane Goes to Zombieland

Amber Heard’s getting all sorts of attention all of a sudden; just the other day we reported that the All the Boys Love Mandy Lane star would be leading the cast of John Carpenter’s new film, The Ward, but that was just the beginning!