Lohan's Just a Manson Girl at Heart

If there's any chick in Hollywood today who I could see aligning herself with Charlie Manson, it’s Lindsay Lohan. So it’s not too surprising that word came down the wire today that Lohan has officially joined a cult called Manson Girls and … Oh, wait, that’s the title of a movie.

X-Files 2 Teaser Poster

I still can’t bring myself to care too much about the upcoming X-Files 2, but I know you guys do and I’m here to serve.

TLA Writes an Epitaph

Though over the last few years I’ve come to rely less and less on Asian films to offer up real scares, Korea’s been a country that never seemed complacent just churning out the horror movies they thought the rest of the world wanted. From all accounts, Epitaph is a strong example of that.

Dreamworks Nabs Queen Writer's Spook Story

Oscar nominated screenwriter Peter Morgan (The Queen) didn’t always write touching dramas about royalty; at one point he penned a ghostly script called Hereafter, and Dreamworks has optioned the script for a low seven figures. I doubt that includes decimal points...

Fear House Comes Home April 1st

Ask anyone, I'm a sucker for a good haunted house flick. There's just something about a good ghost story that gets my blood pumping. On next Tuesday it looks like there will be a new reason to be afraid of the dark as Michael Morris' Fear House hits DVD.

Producer Talks Priest, Dracula

With the shake up over at New Line, a lot of projects that were once a glimmer in the eyes of producer Mike DeLuca are in danger of being shelved. But that’s never stopped the man before.

Strange Happenings on the Wolfman Set

I wasn't too sure about running this, but the following "set report" that was forwarded to STYD does make for an interesting read for those of us following Benicio del Toro's Wolfman remake.

Zombie Strippers Dance into Theatres

So, what is better than strippers? Free strippers? Nah. Strippers without drug habits? Meh. Zombie strippers with a hankering for human flesh? Thank you, Sony!!!

Wallace Joins the Devil

More good casting news came down today for Ti West’s upcoming House of the Devil, which is currently in front of cameras.

Sweeney Goes Steel, Too

After reporting just the other day about FYE/Suncoast getting an exclusive edition of Cloverfield encased in steel (“Cloverfield’s Crushed DVD” – March 2008), it’s not too surprising that it won’t be the only flick getting the treatment in the coming weeks.

Two Sisters Becomes Uninvited

In a Variety story this morning about a new comedy script being optioned called Underage, it was officially announced that the upcoming remake of the Korean smash A Tale of Two Sisters is now being called The Uninvited.

Trick 'r Treat Helmer Calls All Robots

Though we’ve yet to see his debut film, Trick ‘r Treat thanks to some very odd decisions form Warner Bros., director Michael Dougherty is prepping his next movie, an animated adventure called Calling All Robots, and damnit I’m excited for it.

Bud Bundy, Serial Killer?

Sometimes you read about an actor being cast in a role and you wonder what the hell the filmmakers were thinking. For example, when I read there was a new movie about the infamous Boston Strangler starring David Faustino, best known as Bud Bundy on "Married With Children", I immediately thought we were all being punk'd. Nope, it's for real.

Drag Me to Hell Cast Rounds Out

More names have been added to Sam Raimi’s return to horror, the possession film Drag Me to Hell, according to The Hollywood Reporter this morning. Shooting begins on Monday in LA.

Full Circle Preps 3-D Mortician

This is just obnoxious; this morning Variety got word that Aria Films and First Circle Films are teaming with Axis 3D to produce a 3-D movie called The Mortician. Sounds intriguing based on the title alone, no?