Halloween 2: The Chainsaw Reunion

More casting news is in for Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 and this tidbit of information? I think this is kind of cool. Prepare for a Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 reunion of sorts as both Bill Moseley and Carolyn Williams have just been cast.

Rumor: Sega Breaks The Hearts Of Aliens Fans

Damn economic downturn! You’re getting in the way of my gaming! Joystiq is reporting a rumor that sounds like it has some substance to it.

Friday the 13th Reviews!

Here at Dread Central we have lots of different personalities. As a result, we have mega differences in opinion too. When a big movie like Friday the 13th comes around, sometimes the dissidence is so great that we need two reviews. Such is the case now.

Uncensored Julien-K Video!

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s rare for us to cover music of any kind here on Dread. It’s just too subjective, in my opinion, as to what constitutes “horror” music. But sometimes something comes our way that we just have to point out…

Exclusive: First Look at Olen Ray's Dire Wolf!

From the creator of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers comes the gory prehistoric mutant monster rampage Dire Wolf. Prepare to experience "One Terror B.C."

How a Real Man Says I Love You

What do you give the girl who has everything for Valentine’s Day? Not chocolate, she’ll just complain about her complexion and/or weight. Puppies are good but they make a mess pretty quick. You can try and cheap out with a very sappy card, but most girls will see right through that.

Robin Hood: Monster Slayer in Tights?

If Robin Hood is such a great hero you'd think he'd be able to work in some monster fighting in between all his robbing from the rich to give to the poor. That's why all Robin Hood movies in the past have sucked: lack of monsters. Thank goodness we have the Sci-Fi Channel around to rectify such mistakes.

Screenwriter Tapped for Ghouly Boys Film

I’ve never heard of The Ghouly Boys, but then I’ve had barely a toe in the comics scene for quite a few years so hopefully you guys can forgive me.

New Triffids Gets Big Casting

A remake of Day of the Triffids is being prepped for production in the UK, and this morning Variety reports that a huge slew of stars have signed on for the project including Brian Cox, Eddie Izzard, Jason Priestly, Dougray Scott and Vanessa Redgrave.

Malkovich Joins Jonah Hex Cast

John Malkovich will be going head-to-head with Josh Brolin in the upcoming adaptation of Jonah Hex, Variety reported this morning. The film is finally set to roll in April after numerous setbacks and delays.

Dimension to Craft Social Networking Thriller

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Dimension Films is looking to develop a thriller that cashes in on the modern day phenomenon that is online social networking. The idea for the story originates from actress Sara Rue as well as producer Robert Green, and writer T.S. Faull (Rohtenburg) has been tapped to write the script.

Stills From The Mutant Chronicles

The good folks at Magnet just sent us over a bunch of stills from their upcoming flick, The Mutant Chronicles (review here), and of course we're happy to share!

Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Gets a Director

Freddy fans, are you ready for a trip down a whole new Elm Street? Well, like it or not the film is being remade and word just broke about who will be taking up the directorial reigns!

Exclusive: Daeg Faerch Officially Back for Halloween 2!

Not a huge chunk of news, but I know how you guys love your Halloween 2 news so here you go; we just got the official word that Daeg Faerch will be returning as young Michael Myers for Zombie’s sequel, which starts rolling in a few weeks.

The Devil's Ground Coming in May

We just heard from Lightning Media about a new project they'll be distributing in May, 2009: The Devil's Ground starring Daryl Hannah and directed by Michael Bafaro.