Dimension to Craft Social Networking Thriller

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Dimension Films is looking to develop a thriller that cashes in on the modern day phenomenon that is online social networking. The idea for the story originates from actress Sara Rue as well as producer Robert Green, and writer T.S. Faull (Rohtenburg) has been tapped to write the script.

Stills From The Mutant Chronicles

The good folks at Magnet just sent us over a bunch of stills from their upcoming flick, The Mutant Chronicles (review here), and of course we're happy to share!

Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Gets a Director

Freddy fans, are you ready for a trip down a whole new Elm Street? Well, like it or not the film is being remade and word just broke about who will be taking up the directorial reigns!

Exclusive: Daeg Faerch Officially Back for Halloween 2!

Not a huge chunk of news, but I know how you guys love your Halloween 2 news so here you go; we just got the official word that Daeg Faerch will be returning as young Michael Myers for Zombie’s sequel, which starts rolling in a few weeks.

The Devil's Ground Coming in May

We just heard from Lightning Media about a new project they'll be distributing in May, 2009: The Devil's Ground starring Daryl Hannah and directed by Michael Bafaro.

Sega Announces New AVP Game!

Sega dropped word today that they will soon be publishing a brand-new Aliens Vs. Predator game, the screenshots of which alone will be better than both films combined!

Black Devil Doll Premiere Tickets On Sale Now!

As you all know, the West Coast premiere of Black Devil Doll will be on April 17th, 2009, at the New Beverly Cinema (same weekend as the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors and just a 10- to 15-minute cab ride away).

Alex Winter Signs on for Gate Remake

Now this is some pretty damn cool news. Production Weekly reported today that Alex Winter (Freaked, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure) is now attached to direct the remake of Tibor Takács’ classic 1987 kids-in-peril movie, The Gate.

Mezco Donates Jason to Museum of Motion Pictures

Mezco is showing they care about movies and the toys that are made from them with a donation to the Museum of Motion Pictures in New York this week. Action Figure reports that they’ve handed the institute both a “sack head” and masked Jason Voorhees prototype from the Friday the 13th remake, which as you know is out this Friday.

Exclusive: Coffin Joe Animated Short, Undertaker, is Here!

Way back in August, when one could still go outside without extra layers, we told you guys about a cool little project that, while not directly related to Coffin Joe, was close enough for comfort, an animated short called “Undertaker”.

Chinese Snake Curse Trailer Insanity

Now here's a movie after my own heart: Snake Curse. A berserk Chinese killer snake monster movie that promises to deliver maximum amounts of kung fu, snake fu, snake woman fu, and Gordon Liu. Every one of you has got to watch this trailer, too.

Top Cow Preview: The Darkness #75 & Berserker #0

Top Cow just dropped two previews for Dread readers today: The Darkness #75 and Berserker #0, both of which are in comic stores today! Hit the small images for the larger pages.

New Steam Experiment Pics

To your right you can see one of a few pics that dropped recently from The Steam Experiment, the serial killer film on its way from director Phillippe Martinez, which Genius Product recently nabbed for distribution. Not a bad way to start off your hump day, is it?

Domestic Horsemen Poster

After a lot of international posters for The Horsemen, finally a domestic one has shown up on IMP Awards. None of them has been exactly mind-blowing, but this is the first to really give you a whole helluva lot of Quaid all up in your face.

Ghost House Remaking Anguish & The Dorm

Ghost House Pictures keeps carving its way through the genre with a vengeance, as a couple of remake tidbits have hit the wire! What's next for the house that Raimi and Tapert built?