Good Son Helmer Returns With Jack

Joseph Rueben, who impressed a lot of us unsuspecting horror fans with the solid 1993 thriller The Good Son but hasn’t done much since to make us take notice, has signed on to helm a new film called Jack, according to Variety this morning.

Hellboy 3 ... with del Toro?!

We've all heard the rumors about director Guillermo del Toro either not wanting to be part of another Hellboy flick, or talks of someone taking his place if the series rolls on. Just where does he stand right now?

T-Rex Takes a Percentage

The official MySpace profile for Tyrannosaurus Rex has been updated today with a new image that Rob is using to build up hype for his '09 project.

Take a Tour Before Twilight

The vampire love story that is Stephenie Meyer's Twilight looks to fill the giant gap we've had in vampire tales lately. No, I am not going to count I Am Legend as a vamp flick because ... well, just because. Anyway, G4 got an exclusive visit to the set of the big screen adaptation of Twilight. Check out the video below to see how the Catherine Hardwicke directed flick is shaping up.

Night of the Living Dead Celebrates 40!

Forty years ago a grainy black-and-white movie about a group of people trapped in a house changed the face of horror forever. Out of that one film were spawned sequels and an entire sub-culture that includes conventions, gatherings, clothing, and movies, all dedicated to the shambling masses that are zombies.

First Look at 100 Feet Poster!

Sick of remakes as much as we are? God, I hope so. For that reason alone we’re looking forward to Eric Red’s 100 Feet. The story helps a lot as well; yeah, this one can’t come soon enough.

Love Gets Gory in New Short "I Love You"

Recently we received a heads up from Axelle Carolyn, wife of Neil Marshall and an established writer in her own right (check out her latest column on IGN UK), about a new short she has a starring role in called “I Love You”.

Lots o' New Imagery from The Strangers

The very cool folks at Rogue Pictures sent us over a batch of 20 stills from the upcoming May 30th release of The Strangers, which stars Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. Bryan Bertino wrote and directed the home invasion thriller that we’ve been looking forward to for a while now. Hopefully it’ll live up to its creepy ad campaign so far. Keep it here for more Strangers updates and visit the official Strangers site for more goodies! Enjoy the pics below!

New Spooks Comic Cheap!

For fans of Ryan Schifrin’s Spooks comic who were excited by the recent announcement that G.I. Joe creator Larry Hama would be expanding the comic with Spooks: Omega Team, Devil’s Due just sweetened the pot further by announcing that the #0 issue will only set you back $.99!

Slaughter Moves to Mississippi

Remember that screenplay that won the Slamdance competition to get made into a film by Maverick Red, Slaughter? For a while it was a big deal, with Shawnee Smith signed to star and Victor (Return to House on Haunted Hill) Garcia on board as director. Then ... nothing.

The Fury Next on the Remake Block

First Sisters, now The Fury. Brian DePalma’s early work seem ripe for re-imagining (oh, God I hate that word) in today’s Hollywood. But at least they were smart with Sisters and got Doug Buck behind it. How much do you wanna bet the same doesn’t happen with The Fury?

Meet Ruins Director Carter Smith

While it was no Prom Night, Carter Smith’s The Ruins was an effective little flick with a nice smattering of good old fashioned gore. If only a few more people would have checked it out in the theaters.

To Hell with Adriana Barraza!

A Movieland blog let loose today that Adriana Barraza, whose acting credits include "ER" and Alejandro González Iñárritu's Babel, has been cast in Sam Raimi's Drag Me to Hell.

Igor Invents a One Sheet

Today, thanks to IMP Awards, we got a chance to look at the first official one sheet for the upcoming CGI film Igor. Anthony Leondis may not have a lot of directorial experience with animated films, but I've got faith that the wealth of material available for him to draw from will be put to good use.

West's House of the Devil Wraps, First Pics!

Just got a heads up from the folks at Dark Sky Films that Ti West’s 80’s-era House of the Devil has officially wrapped! Wow seems like just the other day we were putting up a story about it being announced…