Zone of the Dead Trailer Now Live!

Who wouldn't be down to see Ken Foree kicking some new zombie ass? Well that's exactly what we're going to get from Milan Konjevic's latest undead bash, Zone of the Dead, and we now have a trailer for you to sink your teeth into!

Friday the 13th Makes a Killing at the Box Office

In a good turn of events for R-rated horror, Platinum Dunes' reboot (the new, classier, way to say remake) of Friday the 13th has scared itself up some big box office this weekend, raking in an estimated 42 million, plus!

McDowell Back for Halloween 2

Despite earlier rumors of a disconnect, it seems that Malcolm McDowell will indeed be back as Dr. Sam Loomis in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2.

First Blood: The Last Vampire Trailer!

It’s pretty low quality, it’s very short, and it’s in Japanese; but we finally have our first look at the trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire! Check it out below and keep your eyes here for more updates on the film very soon!

Diablo Cody to Produce Breathers

The bipedal land dwellers who are behind the entity known as Production Weekly have learned of a new project being produced by Diablo Cody, screenwriter of Juno and the upcoming Jennifer’s Body. It’s called Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament, and will be adapted from the debut novel of the same name from S.G. Browne, which is shipping out to book stores on March 3rd. The story sounds a bit on the trite side, but if done well it could be a lot of fun…

Splatterhouse Trailer!

Well, at least one bit of news regarding a hulking killer wearing a hockey mask looks to be making me happy this weekend. Old school gamers rejoice! Splatterhouse is coming back to consoles and we've got a preview to get you salivating!

Exclusive: Toy Fair '09: Terminator Minimates!

Ready to face Judgment Day? No? Well maybe you need some prep! These new Terminator collectibles should do the trick for all of you budding John Connors out there! All you need now is the Christian Bale sound board, and you are set!

Exclusive: Toy Fair '09: Ghostbusters Minimates!

Toy Fair '09 is well under way so you know what that means for the collectors among us -- We've got some exclusive pictures for you to gaze upon! First up -- Ghostbusters Minimates!

Another Vision of Harper's Island

We just got another postcard from the makers of the upcoming serial killer show “Harper’s Island”. It’s a little bit darker (tonally, that is) than the last, indicating that maybe things on this quiet little island aren’t as nice as the tourism board wants you to believe.

E! to Provide Hot Girls in Scary Places

Has no one learned from the lackluster response to "13: Fear Is Real" that horror fans aren't anxious to embrace the reality craze? Apparently not because according to THR, E! Entertainment TV is about to jump on the bandwagon.

Barker Praises New Hellraiser Helmer

I remember when the gents behind Inside (review) were attached to the Hellraiser remake, Clive Barker had a lot of overwhelmingly positive things to say about the duo. Then they were removed from the project, and the world got a little less cool.

Asylum Daring to Get Terminated?

Friday the 13th is generally considered a very unlucky day. This should be no matter to The Asylum who must be feeling very lucky these days. How else can you explain their boldness to make a mockbuster titled The Terminators. Wanna take one guess what it's about?

The Descent Part 2 Teaser!

The sickos over at Bloody Disgusting got their hands on the first promo trailer for The Descent Part 2, the sequel that takes us back underground to face those cave-dwelling monsters again.

When Johnny Met Jason

Just to prove that Creepy’s not the only one round these parts who gets to do cool stuff, check out some photographic evidence of my trip to the set of Friday the 13th in Austin, TX!

First Dead Rising 2 Teaser?

We’re not sure if the intention was for this teaser to look like it was taped or if, indeed , it was taped (hence making it bootleg!), but what you can see below appears to be the first teaser for Dead Rising 2, which is currently in development.