Walk with Zombies on Valentine's Day

Looking for something a little different to do with your significant other this Valentine's Day? If you live in or near San Diego, you could take him or her on a ZombieWalk!

Hollywood Film Festival Open for Submissions

Think you have what it takes to make it as a filmmaker? Hollywood Film Festival, which runs October 21-26, 2009, is now accepting entries in the categories of comedy, drama, and horror features, documentaries, shorts, and music videos.

Derek Mears & Amanda Righetti on Loveline Tonight!

Despite his success with "Celebrity Rehab" these days, Doctor Drew hasn't forgotten his roots and still appears every Sunday through Thursday night on the call-in radio show Loveline along with co-host Stryker. Joining them tonight will be Friday the 13th redux stars Derek Mears and Amanda Righetti.

Mister Hollow Nominated for a Genie!

Rodrigo Gudino, former Editor in Chief of Rue Morgue magazine, just sent out word that his latest short film, "The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow" (review), has been nominated for a Genie Award, Canada’s answer to the Academy Awards.

New Xombie Trailer!

In case you've forgotten, Xombie: Dead on Arrival - The Complete Flash Series is hitting DVD on March 31, 2009, from Halo 8 Entertainment. To help remind you, they just sent over a brand-new trailer for the show you can dig upon below.

First Art & Details for UK Indie Straw Man

A few days back we gave you guys work on Vivid, a new UK horror film starring Charisma Carpenter. Within said story we mentioned another film called Straw Man, the relevance being that horror journalist/author/actress Axelle Carolyn had a role in both. Today more info came down on Straw Man, and since I’m in a sharing mood, here it is!

Horror Comes to WiiWare

This one came out of left field. According to Joystiq, this week’s WiiWare release is Lit, a horror puzzle game that makes use of light sources to provide safety to your character.

Last Poster on the Left

The monstrosities over at STYD got their clawed fingers on the official poster for the Last House on the Left remake, which is set to hit theaters on March 13, 2009, which, you may recall, is a Friday. Spooky.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Coraline

The man with the best hair in the illustrated reviews business, Rick Trembles, takes a look at the latest offering from Henry Selick and Neil Gaiman, Coraline, as only he knows how!

War is Hell in NecroVisioN

The guys over at IGN just got a first look at a new game that I’m sure will appeal to horror fans, and if it doesn’t ... well, you’re just a poseur then. POSEUR! The game is called NecroVisioN (not sure if that last “N” needs to be capitalized or not, but that’s how they have it…), and it comes to us from The Farm 51st. What is it? Glad you asked!

Exclusive: Fever Dreams Prep Possession Flick Devil's Hostage!

The sick minds behind Wicked Lake (review) have just announced their next project: the demonic possession flick The Devil’s Hostage. I love me some demonic possession, and I’m sure their approach is going to be unique if nothing else. Some official plot, if you will:

Badass Pontypool Poster

This is the Canadian poster for the film, but hopefully when IFC Entertainment distributes Pontypool on May 29th they’ll use a similar design cause man, that is eye-catching!

Exclusive: Ghostbusters Gameplay Impressions

Do you remember the first time you saw the infamous opening "library scene" in the original Ghostbusters? Remember how you felt when you watched that old woman ghost flip out while the pages of countless books flew everywhere?

Longer F13 When the Remake Hits Home

I love home video. Thanks to DVD and Blu-ray when a movie comes home, it can often be a different version than the one released to theatres. Apparently the Friday the 13th remake is the latest case in point!

Haunting in Connecticut Comes Early!

Sometimes things get put off forever. Such is the case with many movies that never see the light of day. Thankfully, every now and again things hit the fast track and there's cause to rejoice!