Unlucky Weekend for Friday the 13th

A steep drop-off in box office is not all that surprising after a film opens to huge numbers, but an 80% drop-off? That cuts worse than a machete to the head. Jason must have worn out his lower half doing all that running in his new film because he sure doesn't have any legs.

Full Trailer for S. Darko

The full trailer for S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale (as it’s now being called) showed up this weekend over at the film’s official site, but you can just check it out below if you like. This time there’s actual footage from the film, unlike in the "teaser trailer" we showed you a few days ago!

EA Announces Alice Game Sequel

Now here’s some news I didn’t expect to stumble upon any time soon: EA Games has announced that development has officialy begun on a sequel to American McGee’s Alice, the 2000 game that put players in the shoes of Alice, all grown up and fighting to defend an even more twisted version of Wonderland.

Third Twilight Sequel Gets Release Date

Insanity is the rule of the day over at Summit Entertainment, which has just announced that the third movie in the Twilight “saga” (which is an insult to the word “saga” if you ask me), Eclipse (book review), will be out in theaters on June 30th, 2010.

Tour the Tales of an Ancient Empire Gallery

A demon sorceress and her vampires ... heroes ... villains. Plus gore, blood, and naked damsels. A typical weekend in DC's offices? Maybe, but it's also what we were promised by Albert Pyun as filming of his Sword and the Sorcerer follow-up, Tales of an Ancient Empire, progressed. Last we heard of the production, they were "almost at the stretch run" and awaiting Christopher Lambert's arrival to shoot the finishing shots.

Zombie Themed Wine Hitting the Market

I'm not sure how many wine aficionados we have around Dread Central, but after reading about a new offering from Redheads Studio of McLaren Vale in Southern Australia called "Return of the Living Red," I just had to share the details.

New Trailer for New Riddick Game!

I will admit it’s not really horror, but I can’t help but get excited for the new Chronicles of Riddick game, Assault on Dark Athena. Today Atari dropped a new trailer for the game and defying all logic (since it’s really not horror), I’ve added it to our video playlist. So check it out, damnit!

BUFF Adds Blood River!

One more quick update on next month’s Boston Underground Film Festival, March 19th – 25th; the programmers have added Adam Mason’s Blood River to their already impressive horror lineup, which includes Deadgirl, Bad Biology and Plague Town!

Craven & Iliadis to Re-team for Before the Fall Redux?

Though no one over here has heard much about him, Wes Craven is certainly a fan of Last House on the Left remake helmer Dennis Iliadis. While attending the film’s premiere the other night, the Bloody Disgusting boys got wind of a new project the duo are ramping up, a remake of the Spanish film Before the Fall.

New Moon Title Treatment

I really don’t get why people are so obsessed with the Twilight sequel, New Moon, especially since the first film was more or less universally slammed for sucking, but we just go with the flow ‘round here most of the time, even if it is confusing.

End of the Line Gets U.S. DVD

Finally, one of the coolest cult films I’ve seen in a while will be getting the chance to be seen by everyone here in the States; Fangoria has learned that Maurice Devereaux's End of the Line (review) is finally seeing a DVD release in the U.S.

First Look at The 4th Kind

The first image from Olatunde Osunsanmi’s The 4th Kind has shown up online today, showing off the film’s star, Mila Jovovich, looking curious. Curious about what it’s like to love a Butane? What lady isn't?

Closer Look at Hot Toys' Dutch Figure

It was the end of December when we got our first good look at Hot Toy's upcoming line of Predator action figures, and now, thanks of course to Nomad, we have ten more photos to show you, all of Schwarzenegger's character Dutch. And he's looking quite studly indeed, let me tell you!

The Haunting in Connecticut and Ectoplasm

Apparently the new poster released by Lionsgate for the upcoming The Haunting in Connecticut, which you can see to your right, stirred up quite a bit of conversation and controversy with regard to the paranormal phenomenon known as ectoplasm.

Tokyo Zombie Coming to DVD April 7th

Thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment and Manga Entertainment, horror comedy sensation Tokyo Zombie is set for release on DVD this April 7, 2009.