West's House of the Devil Wraps, First Pics!

Just got a heads up from the folks at Dark Sky Films that Ti West’s 80’s-era House of the Devil has officially wrapped! Wow seems like just the other day we were putting up a story about it being announced…

The Saddest Devil Needs a Hug

Emo is infecting our lives, turning what once were scraggly obnoxious punk and metal kids into girl pants wearing, eyeliner smeared weepy piles of goo. Now the emo menace has made its way down to hell, and even the devil himself isn’t safe!! BE AFRAID!!!!

Never Cry Werewolf (But Can We Cry Rip-Off)

Take the movie Fright Night, change the teenage boy into a teenage girl and the vampire into a werewolf, replace his manservant with man's best friend, make the vampire-hunting TV horror movie host a rugged outdoorsmen TV hunting host instead, and you get the new lycanthrope chiller Never Cry Werewolf. All that's missing is finding out the lead character has a goth chick best friend nicknamed "Evil Edda".

Splatterhouse? SPLATTERHOUSE!

Before Resident Evil ... before Alone in the Dark ... before, hell, Ghouls’ N Ghosts and well just about everything… there was Splatterhouse.

Unearthed Readies Philosophy of a Knife

For someone whose earlier films are full of what some call “dream logic” and hallucinatory images, it seems strange that Andrey Iskanov (Visions of Suffering, Nails) would want to tackle a documentary.

Combs Returns to Lovecraft for The Darkest Evil!

If there's any one actor whose name is most associated with films based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, it would have to be Jeffrey Combs.

Lost Boys: The Tribe Art

Wow, they sure are pretty, ain’t they? I guess, for its time, the guys and gals in the first film were, too, so you really can’t complain too much. And hey, at least they kept the font from the original for Lost Boys: The Tribe, which hits DVD this summer.

Exclusive: Hatchet Live Commentary Track from London!

Last summer Alan Jones and Adam Green conducted a commentary for the film Hatchet before a live audience of horror fans in London as part of the 2007 Fright Fest. The commentary was supposed to be included in the UK DVD release, but for whatever reason the track never made it to the DVD. That's OK, though, as we're about to fix that!

Cold Spots: The Legend of the Mary Celeste

A fishing boat late at night, a crew in a deep fog. Sailors are a superstitious lot, pledging their lives and livelihoods to a cruel mistress in the sea. Many have claimed to see mermaids, sea monsters, and other terrors too horrible to give names. The man in the crow's nest calls out, a ship approaching under full sail. Hailing with lanterns yields no contact, and as she swims by, the crew feel a cold shudder running down their spine.

Move Over Killdozer, Here Comes Crawler!

Killdozer (review) is one of those kitschy B-movie titles that always gets thrown around as a punchline even though most have never seen. I'll happily throw out the title and laugh about it even though I personally found that rare 1970's TV movie doesn't really live up to its gimmicky title or its camp classic reputation. I have been saying for years that it's a movie ready and waiting to be updated.

Evilshop Says Go to Hell!

All right, we showed you the best glass you can possibly own for waiting out any zombie invasion (see ‘em here if you missed those), but now Evilshop has a better idea than waiting for a zombie apocalypse; GO TO HELL!

First Underground Pics, Videos!

Tinieblas Gonzalez’ Underground, about a group of taggers who encounter a race of sub-human creatures living under their city streets, must be nearing the final stages of post-production now, as a whole slew of imagery from film showed up online today.

Nature Fights Man Down River

Men are, at their core, kind of ridiculous. I mean, why would a Corporate America guy pay an idiotic amount of money to go out “roughing it”, only to spend their nights in classy 4-star hotels? That’s was the inspiration for Down River, a new pickup by Regency from Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning penner Sheldon Turner.

New Poster for The Strangers

It’s not quite as effective as the original poster, I don’t think, but it does get some points for subtle freakiness.

Outlander Poster Found!

Man it has been a long time since I’ve mentioned the Vikings vs. Monster movie Outlander on Dread Central! Apparently all sorts of things have been going on with it, usual movie making confusions, but finally a sign that we might get to see it soon showed up today.