Star Chicks Wreaking Havoc!

I know. I know. You like me having been sitting there wondering ... What on Earth have the hot chicks from Zombie Strippers (review here) been up to! Well ... you are about to find out! Apparently our lovelies are working on a deal with Lionsgate for a new web series. Check out the teaser below!

Lance Henriksen & Bill Moseley are Godkillers!

Today is all about horror icon news! Genre legends Lance Henriksen, Bill Moseley, and Tiffany Shepis, along with Justin Pierre (singer of Motion City Soundtrack) and Davey Havok (singer of A.F.I.), have signed on for the "illustrated film" adaptation of Godkiller, written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Matt Pizzolo based on the comic book of the same name he created with illustrator Anna Muckcracker.

First Look Behind ...of the Dead!

George Romero was at a film festival recently and showed a very cool behind-the-scenes clip from his latest zombie outing, still called …of the Dead. It features cast and crew talking about how cool it is working with George, including one zombie whom I’m sure you’ll all find very familiar.

Tony Todd in LA Stage Show The Island

When it comes to the genre we all love, there are few actors who command as much admiration and respect as Tony Todd. From Candyman to Final Destination to Hatchet, he's played a myriad of roles in over 40 horror projects. And this season he's the main villain in "24"! What is there the man hasn't done?

Patrol Men: Best Z-Grade Horror Film Ever Made?

A very strange email showed up in my inbox today from three men named David, Ben, and Niall. It didn't say much other than providing a setting and scenario for an upcoming project called Patrol Men, which they claim will be the "best Z-grade horror film ever made."

Bassett Updates on Solomon Kane

I’m sure like any decent horror fan who follows various projects in the works, one or two of you out there have said to yourselves during the past few months, “What the hell is going on with Solomon Kane, anyway?”

Elizalde Joins Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Redux

During one of Fangoria Radio’s recent shows, it was revealed that Mike Elizalde will be re-teaming with Hellboy II helmer Guillermo del Toro to work on the effects for the del Toro-produced remake of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

DC & Home Media Magazine Bring You The Reaper Awards!

There’s always something going on behind the scenes here at Dread Central because we’re always looking at cool ways to give more to our readers. That’s cause we love you. Rarely do the results of our efforts end up in the pages of The Hollywood Reporter, though!

Drawing on Your Nightmares: An Introduction

I’m writing my inaugural Dread Central blog right after seeing the remake of Friday the 13th, which has stirred my love of the horror genre in unpredicted ways. I’m not committed to the whole slasher genre, even though when the original F13 came to cable I was about thirteen myself, which I still think of as the perfect age for that stuff.

Fantasia 2009 Call for Entries!

Just a quick heads up to all you filmmakers or friends of filmmakers who want to try and get your movie into the single best genre film festival in North America, possibly the world: Fantasia.

Before the Oscars, They Belonged to Us, Part 1

Disclaimer: This article may contain sarcasm, irony and “LOLs”; proceed with caution.

Williamson to Pen New Scream Trilogy?

All right, this is just weird but it’s one of those things that I feel like if we ignore, we’ll be the only ones not talking about it. A scooper dropped us a line today with intel that Kevin Williamson is on board to write not just one, but three new Scream films, rebooting the franchise with a whole new trilogy.

Aja's Piranha Moved Back

Production on Alexandre Aja’s much-anticipated Piranha 3D, a loose remake of the Joe Dante original from 1978, has been moved back a bit for various reasons, Aja recently revealed to MTV's Movie Blog.

The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft

Image Comics has announced the imminent release of a new comic fictionalizing the life and times of H.P. Lovecraft. The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft blends a touch of reality with fantastical fiction, and puts the iconic author himself as the main character living in a world of nightmare.

Visit the Set of The Crazies

Overture Films has joined up with Bloody-Disgusting to give one lucky horror fan a chance to be a part of the upcoming remake of George A. Romero’s The Crazies, which is scheduled to begin shooting in Georgia in the coming months. The winner will be chosen by random drawing and will be afforded a trip to the set on April 3rd as well as an opportunity to be an extra in the film!