Fears of the Dark Bringing Nightmares to Toronto

Canadians are getting a special horror treat this week. According to HorrorMovies.ca, Peur(s) du Noir (Fears of the Dark) is set to premiere in Toronto at The Royal on March 6th.

Hot Toys Acquires Resident Evil 5 License

We don't have a lot of details other than the teaser image below, but Nomad just sent over an update from the marketing team at Hot Toys letting us know that the company has acquired the Resident Evil 5 (or Biohazard 5 as it's known in Japan) license from Capcom and will be releasing 1/6th scale collectible figures under their Video Game Masterpieces Series.

Toronto After Dark Calls for Films

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival has announced its 2009 Call For Film Entries. The fest welcomes submissions of all forms of international and independent thrilling cinema including horror, sci-fi, fantasy, animation, crime, action, cult, documentary, and music videos.

First Pic Released from Haunted Slay Ride

The first pic from indie horror movie Haunted Slay Ride popped up over at HorrorMovies.ca today, and we’re bringing a slice of it to you below.

Steven R. McQueen Joins Vampire Diaries

The name is certainly familiar, and for horror fans soon the face will be, too. According to this morning's Variety, Steven R. McQueen, grandson of "the" Steve McQueen, has been signed for the CW Network's upcoming "Vampire Diaries."

Blu-ray / DVD Details for The Uninvited

One remake from this past year that has everyone pretty much confused as to whether or not it sucked is The Uninvited. Was it bad? Well, come April 28, 2009, you'll have a chance to form your own opinion as that's when the flick hits home video.

Let The Right One In Remake Set to Roll

If you've seen Let the Right One In by now, you know that it has become an instant classic, and rightly so. You also know that since it is so good, an American remake just can't be too far behind, can it?

Cold Spots: The Anchorage Hotel

Anchorage, Alaska - Hotels are, by their nature, frightening places. Horror scribe Stephen King wrote how one never knows what happened in the room before a lodger lays his head down to sleep. Who slept there before? And who died? In the dead of night, with the blankets pulled up tight to your chin, what is it in the darkness that sounds like breathing? Is the cold merely because of a draft of frigid night air, or is there something more lurking in the darkness?

Dinosaurs Shaking Up Malick's The Tree of Life

I love me some dinosaurs. Something about these giant creatures has always captured my imagination. They must have had the same effect on director Terrence Malick because it looks as if his new project, The Tree of Life, will be featuring some of these toothy devils!

Craven Readying Hills 3 and More

One of the biggest driving forces in our genre is no doubt Wes Craven. Now with the remake of Last House on the Left just around the corner, this master of horror shared some new details about what to expect in the coming year.

Keira Knightley to Fend Off Organ Harvesters in Never Let Me Go

Fox loves organ harvesting/cloning movies, and since Turistas and The Island were nothing short of huge for them, it's obviously time to go back to the well and dig up some more spleen-splitting scares. This time with Keira Knightley!

Screen Gems Finds Terror Within

The folks we have taking care of our kids have played a bit of a dual role in our favorite horror flicks. Some are born to be stalked, and others? Well, others do the stalking.

DVD Releases: March 3, 2009: The Silence of the Attack Girls

Kind of slim pickin's this week (well, there are those sultry Asian Swim Team members), but on Tuesday, March 3rd, the following DVDs will be hitting the street.

SOTA Toys Brings Death to Life

You've just gotta love SOTA Toys. As soon as it seems they've reached the pinnacle of badassery, they drop another cool figure on us that absolutely must become part of our collections.

B.T.K.: Bind, Torture, Kane?

Sometimes I wonder if Kane Hodder doesn't take that "KILL" lip tattoo a little too seriously. Hopefully he won't get "BIND" and "TORTURE" tattooed in his nostrils in honor of the May release of his latest direct-to-DVD offering, B.T.K.