Hit and Run Winners Announced

The malls are packed. The parking lots full. People milling about everywhere by the dozens. How would you like to engage in a little Hit and Run?

Eden Lake Winners Announced!

Nothing like a soothing dip into the old terror pond to help you with those pre-holiday blues. Well, that and us giving away some more free swag to you oh, great and powerful reader!

Red Sands Trailer is Live!

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Alex Turner regarding his Dead Birds follow-up, Stone House, but a lot’s happened with it since we did. The title is now Red Sands, which I gotta admit I like better, and there’s now a very cool trailer you can feast your eyes upon below!

Better Quality Dead Snow Teaser & Trailer!

Welcome Stumblers! Be sure to give this page a thumbs up if you liked it! The other day we showed you guys the trailer for the upcoming Norweigan zombie film Dead Snow, but it wasn’t the best in terms of quality. We have fixed that by throwing up the high definition versions of both the Dead Snow teaser and full trailer!

Botched Director Suffers Dementamania

While the title isn’t the most original in the world, Dementamania still has a nice ring to it. The boys over at Quiet Earth discovered a bit of info on the film the other day, and it sounds too weird to pass up.

Awake Director to Pen Atlantis Rising?

This morning we’ve come one step closer to seeing Platinum Comics’ Atlantis Rising realized as a film. THR reports that Awake (DVD review) writer/director Job Harold is being courted to write the film for Dreamworks.

Roadside Picks up Alien Trespass

You’d think a movie that stars “Will & Grace” lead Eric McCormack would have a little bit more info available about it online, but it was increasingly difficult to dig up anything on Alien Trespass, which Variety reported this morning has been picked up by Roadside Attractions for distribution.

Spiker and Dead Serious Score Distribution

Michael J. Hein of MooDude Films has announced that they’ve won distribution and release of two new films, Spiker and Dead Serious; the first a bloody slasher and the second an oddball horror comedy pitting religious zealotry against gays and vampires.

Against the Dark, Screamers 2 Art

The great website DVD Active has unveiled the artwork for two Sony DVD releases arriving in February that seemed to have caused a bit of a stir: Screamers: The Hunting and the Steven Seagal vampire hunting flick Against The Dark.

Poster for Paris by Night of the Living Dead

Dig it; the MySpace page for the French zombie film Paris by Night of the Living Dead just added the film’s official one-sheet to their images, and as you can see it’s pretty badass. The story follows two survivors trying to get out of the City of Lights after the dead take over. We’ll have more soon so keep your ass where we can see it! - Johnny Butane

Bunker Director Pits Gladiators Vs. Werewolves

There isn't a lot of meat to this story since the motion picture in question has only just been announced and details are all but non-existent, but whenever someone decides to make a movie about gladiators in the Roman Colosseum being forced to battle werewolves, that gets a headline in my book.

Jamie Blanks On for 3D Flies

Is it true that not only has a 3D film never come out of Australia, but that there’s never been a nature-run-amok movie about flies? I can’t come up with one of either off the top of my head, though I’m sure The Foywonder will chime in if the latter isn’t accurate.

First Look at My Bloody Valentine Killer!

The look of the killer from My Bloody Valentine 3D hasn’t exactly been a secret, but today we’ve got our first really good look at the psycho who makes everyone’s lives a 3D terror ride to hell come January 16th, 2009.

New Terminator Salvation Trailer!

Yeah, yeah, so Terminator Salvation may not be 100% horror, I understand that, but if you can’t find horror elements in a story about robots taking over the world and killing off mankind, you’re missing some integral part of your brain workings.

Official Site for Pulido's The Graves Open

The doors have swung open on the official site for Evil Ernie creator Brian Puldio’s first foray into full-length horror, The Graves. The story follows two sisters whose trip to a remote mining town turns into a struggle for survival against evil from both this and other worlds.