Exclusive Clip From Eden Lake!

Not to be confused with Eden Log, which is a completely different kind of film, we just got our hands on an exclusive clip from Eden Lake, which Dimension Extreme is putting on DVD on January 6th, 2009!

Eden Log Trailer Surfaces

Magnet Releasing will be getting the French thriller Eden Log in theaters sometime next year through the Six Shooter Film series, and to show off what we’re in for IGN got their hands on the first trailer for the film, which you can now check out below.

Legion Director Takes Over Priest

The long-gestating adaptation of the Tokyo Pop comic Priest is finally seeing some movement this morning. THR reports that Orphanage co-founder Scott Charles Stewart will be taking the reigns on Priest, with the backing of Screen Gems.

Deadgirl Duo to Remake Murk

Gold Circle Films has tapped the writing/directing duo behind Deadgirl (review) to update the Danish thriller Murk (Mørke) according to THR. Marcel Sarmiento & Gadi Harel will both write and direct the Murk update, which sounds like it’ll be another polarizing film for the team.

Impaler Comic Stakes a Claim for Top Cow

Top Cow sent us word of their new series (which we've been teasing at conventions for those who were paying attention) titled Impaler, the first issue of which hits comic stores Wednesday, Dec. 17. Impaler is a vicious horror tale that takes what you know about Dracula and turns it on its ear. What if humanity's only savior from a horde of voracious vampires is none other than Vlad the Impaler himself?

Massify Launches Perkins' 14 Site

Just a few more weeks until we get to see if Massify’s experiment with creating and casting a film exclusively online will pay off when Perkins’ 14 rolls into theaters as part of Horrorfest III, January 9th – 15th. Until then there’s a lot of goodies for it online you can spend some time with.

Hot Toys Bringing Home Original Predator

A veritable horde of Predators and Aliens has been released onto our unsuspecting planet via Sideshow Toys who import just about every amazing figure Hot Toys makes. Would it baffle you to now realize there has never been an offering from the original Predator movie?

Official Site for UK Monster Show Being Human

You may recall a while back we gave you a heads up about a new show being produced for the BBC called “Being Human”; the story of a vampire, werewolf and ghost co-habitating in an apartment in London. While the premise sounds ripe for wacky hijinks, the actual execution was smart, funny and engaging.

Outlander Goes Theatrical

Good news for those of you who’ve been itching to see Jesus fight a monster from outer space. A reader named “Avery” just tipped us off that Box Office Mojo now has a theatrical release date for Howard McCain’s Outlander: January 23rd, 2009!

Exclusive: New Pics & First Trailer for Walking Distance!

We’ve been looking forward to Walking Distance, Mel House’s follow-up to the ambitious indie film Closet Space (review), since we first heard rumblings about how good the script was. So we kept Mr.

Exclusive: Coraline Art for the Letter D!

The producers behind Coraline, Henry Selick’s stop-motion animated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s book, have provided 26 sites with 26 original pieces of art from the film in the form of the alphabet! Since we’re Dread Central, take a guess what letter we have for you?

Promo Art for Clock Tower Surfaces!

I’m not sure how they came about it, but the folks over at Filmz.ru got their hands on eight promotional one-sheets for Clock Tower, the long-anticipated adaptation of what many consider to be the first survival horror video game.

Baker Talks Wolfman

Rick Baker received the Tesla Award from the International Press Academy on the 14th, and during his speech discussed his work on The Wolfman remake, which he admitted he had no idea why it’s been delayed for almost a full year.

Zombie Returns to Halloween

For those of you who had maybe partially, out of the corner of your eye, been looking forward to Halloween 2 since the guys behind Inside were being circled to handle it, please return to your regularly scheduled angst; Variety has confirmed th

New Fright Rags in Evilshop!

It’s been a long, long, long time since we directed you guys over to Evilshop, but that’s because we’re nice guys. We know the economy isn’t what it used to be and who are we to tell you to spend your money?