Drawing on Your Nightmares: Jo Chen

This week I want to talk about an artist who blows my mind on a monthly basis — Jo Chen, the cover artist on the bestselling, award-winning Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight.

Vin Diesel Talks Third Riddick Film

While chatting recently with GameSpot about the upcoming release of The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena game, Vin Diesel had an opportunity to provide some info on whether or not we’ll be seeing him on the big screen as Riddick anytime soon.

Let the Right One In Remake Clarification

Well, this might end up being a bit embarrassing for Production Weekly. Last week, they reported that the US remake for Let the Right One In was getting a title overhaul and being called Let Me In and that shooting was set to start in Canada this May. I guess they may have spoken too soon.

Rebecca Romijn Cast in Eastwick

Well, first she was an uber-hot X-Men villainess as Mystique which gave comics geeks a chance to drool. Now, Rebecca Romijn is set to become a witch for a new ABC pilot so genre fans, while I can guarantee she most likely won’t be blue and naked for this new endeavor, I am sure she’ll retain her hotness.

Surveillance Release Date and Trailer

Quick update on director Jennifer Lynch's latest on-the-trail-of-a-psycho thriller, Surveillance. The film which finds Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond hot on the heels of a murderer will be available on HDNet Ultra VOD starting May 29, 2009 and in limited theatrical release on June 26, 2009.

Trailer for The Burnt House Now Online

Yet another indie horror trailer hit YouTube today, this one for a movie called, The Burnt House. It's no Serpent Lake, but I gotta say, this one looks pretty friggin' good.

The Devil's Tomb Gets a Date

What odder casting can you get in a horror film than Ron Perlman, Bill Moseley, Henry Rollins, Zack Ward, along with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beowolf's Ray Winstone? It just bizarre, man. Hellboy meets the Oscar Winner! You just gotta laugh. Anyway, Sony Pictures announced the DVD release date for Jason Connery's The Devil's Tomb today.

Lionsgate Sets Razortooth Free in June

Goddamn it, we need more movies about giant killer eels! Eel's have long been neglected by cinema as the savage man-eating beasts that they are. Thankfully Lionsgate is releasing the nature-run-amok, Razortooth to set the record straight.

New Images from The Burrowers

New images surfaced today courtesy of Lionsgate to help further along anticipation of their upcoming DVD release of J.T. Petty's The Burrowers.

A Refurbished Doghouse Online

Jake West's upcoming cannibal flick, Doghouse has got a brand new revamped website for you guys to check out full of stills, the trailer and other goodies.

Free Terminator Salvation Game Online

Judgement day has come. The machines are in control, and the human race is on the brink of extinction. What better time than this to play video games?!?

Extended Serpent Lake Trailer Now Online

Somewhere, right now, as I write this ... The Foywonder's ears are ringing. You can't write about a movie like Joel Trujillo's Serpent Lake without that happening. It looks so ... it looks so ... well, see for yourself!

New Stills From Pontypool

Some new stills from the speech-to-infection inspired zombie flick, Pontypool surfaced today and they showcase a bit of the violent chaos that goes down. Yay, violent chaos!

DownloadHorror.com Launches This Friday

Looking for a horror specific alternative to NetFlix or Hulu, and have a little extra cash to spare? Come this Friday horror fans will have yet another horror movie watching alternative to check out, DownloadHorror.com.

Troma Readies Last Horror Film DVD

Without question Maniac was one of the single greatest slasher films of the Eighties. It had everything we loved about the subgenre and it had it in spades. Another thing going for it was the stellar performance of the late Joe Spinell. Now Troma is set to unleash another Spinell slasher classic, The Last Horror Film on to DVD.