Genius' Upcoming Korean DVD Handy-work

Genius Products has two new horror DVDs hitting this summer, and we've got all the info you want on them right here.

Double Dose of the Dead DVD Winners Announced!

George A. Romero is still going strong and that means there's some Dead related carnage to be had! With the upcoming DVD releases of Diary of the Dead and the Night of the Living Dead 40th Anniversary Edition just around the corner we figured we'd celebrate by giving them away for free! So ...

Megan Fox Shows Off Jennifer's Body

As our own Johnny Butane wings his way to British Columbia to do a set visit for the upcoming Jennifer's Body, a huge batch of photos of the film's star, Megan Fox, showed up online over at Egotastic.com.

Bryan Loves You, Contests and Distribution

Seth Landau's horror pic Bryan Loves You, based on the true events regarding a cult taking over an Arizona town in '93, has seen its fair share of bad craziness during production:

100 Feet to a Cannes Flyer

Our friends over at AITH just scored the special flyer created for the Cannes appearance of Eric Red’s ghost tale 100 Feet. Click on the teaser to your right to see the whole thing!

Exclusive: Massive Faces of Death Special Edition Coming Home!

Over the weekend I got a call from our man Andrew Kasch, video editor extraordinaire, who gave us a heads up on a new project he’s working on for Michael Felsher's Red Shirt Pictures, those badasses who’ve done supplemental material for DVDs like The Monster Squad and Hellraiser.

Exclusive: Romero Talks Diary 2!

So as you all probably know by now, George Romero’s latest fan-dividing zombie film, Diary of the Dead, is finally coming to DVD on May 20th (get it here). To celebrate and help spread the word, our own Uncle Creepy sat down with Mr. Romero for a cool, very relaxed interview that you should give a listen to right here.

Gudino Announces Feature Length Debut!

After seeing Rodrigo Gudino’s first two shorts, “Demonology of Desire” and “The Eyes of Edward James”, and hearing about his next experimental pic “The Facts in the Case of Mister Hollow”, I’ve been waiting for him to finally announce his feature directing debut for years now...

DVD Releases: Horror of the Frontiers

Some really good and some really, really bad horror DVDs are coming your way this Tuesday, May 13th. Be sure you read about 'em all so you know which is which! Botched (2008) Directed by Kit Ryan

First Images From Noe's Enter the Void!

Finally, we have been able to learn something about the new film from Gaspar Noe, l'enfant terrible responsible for Irreversible. The film is called Enter the Void, and recently the folks at Wild Bunch, who are producing it, put up a rather lengthy statement from Noe about it as well as the first images!

X-Files 2 Trailer is Here

Though I still will hold on tightly to my lack of caring about anything X-Files, especially when the sequel got one of the most idiotic subtitles I’ve ever heard (I Want to Believe, in case you missed it), I know you guys will probably eat this up.

More Names Added to Valentine Redux

Lots of news names have been added to Patrick Lussier’s upcoming 3-D remake of the 80’s “classic”, My Bloody Valentine, and I gotta say that, if nothing else, the cast isn’t looking too bad...

Witchblade the Movie?

Ah, God, here we go again. Someone out there wants to bring Witchblade to the big screen, though I really can’t understand the enduring popularity of this comic.

First Shock Festival Winner Announced!

The first winner of our exclusive Shock Festival contest has been picked, and his film has been immortalized by the most badass poster artist in the last ten years, Stephen Romano! Read more to see if your idea made the cut!

Whedon's Dollhouse Set for Mid-Season

Hey, all you Joss Whedon junkies, whose number I proudly count myself among. As you may have noticed, there’s more and more news out there about new TV shows being picked up, so of course the question of Whedon’s new one, “Dollhouse” with former Slayer Eliza Dushku, has been asked.