Exclusive Clip From Pulse 3!

Just in time for Christmas, the third and final (?) chapter in the Pulse trilogy will be hitting DVD, and the cool folks over at Dimension Extreme have donated an exclusive clip to us to share with you guys! Check it out belo, and then scroll down to pre-order Pulse 3 through Evilshop!

Four More MST3K Episodes on DVD

Shout! Factory has announced the impending release of four new episodes of the great and grand Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Barbarash Chosen for Hybrid!

Though it’s been relatively quiet from the Studio 407 team as of late, that doesn’t mean nothing’s been going on. The comic company continues to develop its titles into flms through their partnership with Myriad Pictures, the first of which being the creature feature Hybrid. Today they named Cube: Zero helmer Ernie Barbarash as the director of Hybrid; a very good sign that things are moving along.

Andeson Talks Resident Evil 4, Castlevania Status

As an early Christmas presents for fans everywhere, IGN got word today that Paul W.S. Anderson is currently working on the script for Resident Evil IV! It’s so exciting I can barely contain myself.

Final Art for Turner's Red Sands

I feared it would be bad, but I really didn’t think it’d be this bad. “Spirits take no prisoners”? What the hell kind of tag line is that? Something tells me this is not the vision director Alex Turner had for Red Sands, formerly known as The Stone House, when he set out to make the film.

Killer Bees, Japanese Style, Coming to DVD

When you think about places prone to falling victim to killer bee attacks you usually think South and Central America, Mexico, and parts of the Southern and Southwestern United States. Japan is not a place you think about when you think about killer bees. But that's about to change with the impending DVD release of the Japanese nature gone amok flick Killer Bees.

New Offspring Pics, Screening Update

It seems to me that the guys over at ModernCine really know when they’re doing when it comes to getting films done. Their production on The Girl Next Door was very quick, as was the cinema vérité Home Movie. Just a few months ago we got the first word on their adaptation of Jack Ketchum’s Offspring; now the film is done and ready for its first screenings!

Another Underworld 3 Poster

All right, this poster for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans actually has a character who plays a Lycan as its focal point, which is a step in the right direction, but it’s still not what I asked for, damnit.

Benicio Talks Wolfman

Even though MTV’s movie news seems as obsessed with Twilight as your average 12-year-old girl in the last few months, now and then they do manage to break out and talk to people about real movies, like the Joe Johnston-helmed Wolfman redux.

Dead by Dawn Teaser Lives

An update just fell into our inbox from the guys at Backwoods Entertainment about their follow up to the well-received indie Marcus (review), Dead by Dawn. Yeah, I know, not the most inspired of titles, is it?

Gentle Giant Animates Freddy!

Man, Gentle Giant just has a knack for creating collectibles that it’s very, very hard to not spend your money on. Of course, that’s their intention, isn’t it? On your right you’ll see the lastest example of Gentle temptation, the Animaquette of Freddy Krueger!

New My Bloody Valentine Trailer!

Those monstrous beasts lumbering around over at UGO just got their tentacles on a brand-new, exclusive trailer for Patrick Lussier’s My Bloody Valentine 3D, which I have to admit is pretty high on my list of anticipated horror flicks.

*UPDATED!* Huge Discount on Living Dead Dolls 17 Pre-order!

We here at Dread Central know that the Living Dead Dolls aren’t for everyone, but there are a lot of you out there, a lot, who keep collecting them every time a new series is launched, so with Christmas so damn close we wanted to encourage your spending habits with Series 17.

Tak Sakaguchi's Samurai Zombie Trailer & Art

Could this be the next splatter masterpiece to find its way out of Japan? Maybe we won’t go that far, but Samurai Zombie certainly looks like it’s got a hell of a lot going for it, not the least of which being that is was directed by Versus star and all around badass Tak Sakaguchi.

New Unborn Site, Stills

Maybe it’s just me, but the more I see from David Goyer’s upcoming horror entry The Unborn, the more cheesy it seems. Example; did you know the unborn baby who is trying to break into our world is named Jumby? What the hell is that?