Last House on the Left Internet Spot

With the release of the film on March 13th, all sorts of Last House on the Left nuggets of goodness have been popping up. The latest? A special Internet only spot!

ArieScope Site Re-Launches With New Merch, Video Features

Hey, Victor Crowley fans, wanna dress up like your favorite deformed (albeit slightly tragic) killer this Halloween? Well, then we’ve got some good news for you!

Director Pascal Laugier Talks Hellraiser Redux

Is it me or is the term reboot becoming increasingly more annoying than even remake. It's as if the folks behind these things are trying to disguise the fact that they're making a remake by calling it something else. I just don't get it. Anyways, Martyrs director Pascal Laugier spoke a bit today about his upcoming foray into the land of the Cenobite.

World War Z Film Update

If you're anything like me, and my condolences if you are, then you are eagerly anticipating the film adaptation of Max Brook's zombie novel World War Z. Recently there's been little news regarding it, but finally some has begun to trickle out.

Director Andy Fickman on RKO Remakes

As you may recall, RKO announced a deal with Twisted Pictures earlier last year, and as a result there has been a lot of chatter amongst the two companies about horror remakes. ComingSoon published an interview with director Andy Fickman (Race to Witch Mountain), who will be producing I Walked with a Zombie for RKO and Twisted Pictures, about some of them.

UK Trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire Launches

Okay, so I wasn’t completely sold on a movie with the title Blood: The Last Vampire but then when I had a chance to check out the badass trailer over at 24FramesPerSecond, suddenly I was very much on board.

Indie Thriller Dark Passages Moves Forward

It was announced over at Horror-Movies.ca that the indie horror thriller Dark Passages is currently in production. Produced by OutWorld Entertainment and directed by Cesar Cruz, Dark Passages is slated for an $80,000 budget.

First Annual Paranoia Fest Boasts Impressive Line-up of Films

West Coast indie horror fans have a great chance indulge themselves in a great collection of genre flicks during the first ever Paranoia Fest from March 13-15 in Long Beach, CA. The best part? The festival will take place aboard the world famous Queen Mary. Enjoy today’s creepiest new horror films aboard this unique property as they are screened in some of the most haunted parts of The Queen!

Rob Zombie on Re-casting Young Michael in Halloween 2

The man himself finally commented on having to re-cast the role of young Michael Myers because intended actor Daeg Faerch has hit a hell of a growth spurt since the first film.

Assorted Creature Features Hitting DVD

Looking for DVD news about upcoming creature features starring predators of the sea duking it out, DMX fighting a giant snake, intergalactic beatnik zombie invaders, and good ol' psycho Sasquatch bloodying up the forest? You've come to the right place today.

Shock Festival DVDs Coming this Fall

Author Stephen Romano gave horror fans a rare vintage treat last year with his Shock Festival novel that paid homage to the schlock and B-movies genre by creating a history of visuals and stories about films that only existed in the depths of his massive imagination.

Re-Animator 3D Hot Air? Stuart Gordon Indicates That May Be the Case!

Just about a week ago we told you about an interview in which producer Ray Haboush spoke about a supposed Re-Animator redux in 3D. Now we are here to tell you that it all could have been a load of crap.

The Possession of Sarah Michelle Gellar

Remember when Sarah Michelle Gellar was the kind of star who seemed fun to be around? She had charisma by the boatload on "Buffy", but as soon as she moved on to the big screen, she inexplicably left it all behind. Now all we have is the pensive looking Gellar who needs to wear a white turtleneck and scarf in every film. The downward spiral continues as her latest movie Possession has been exorcised to home video.

Mark Wahlberg Talks to Prisoners

Hey, Mark. What's goin' on? It's good to see you. We hear you are attached to one of the hottest scripts in Hollywood. What's that all about? Okay, well, it was great to meet you. Say hello to ya motha fa' me, okay?

Death Note: L, Change the World Gets a Two-Night Theatrical Run

As they did with the first two Death Note live action films, Viz Pictures, an affiliate of VIZ Media, LLC, that focuses on Japanese live-action film distribution, has announced that it will team with NCM Fathom to present Death Note: L, Change the World in a limited two-night, multi-city event on April 29th and 30th.