Uncle Creepy's Blu Christmas Buyer's Guide

With the holiday shopping season officially upon us, I figured it might be a good idea to start making some recommendations for the lucky horror-loving folks on your lists!

Exclusive Dying Breed Pics!

It wasn't long ago that After Dark Films confirmed Dying Breed as one of Horrorfest III's 8 Films to Die For; and today they gave us not one, but three, exclusive pics from the film to share with our readers.

Stop-Motion Witches Planned?

Word just came down via Empire Online today that Alfonso Cuaron will not be directing, but rather producing the upcoming re-adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches. In addition, it’s looking like the film's not going to be yet another live-action version of the book, but something a little bit cooler.

First Stills From Necromentia

I gotta give it to the guys at Quiet Earth; they have a tendency to track down some pretty messed-up sounding films to talk about. Take for example Pearry Reginald Teo’s Necromentia, the plot for which is so strange I’m not even going to bother trying to put it into my own words. Dig:

DVD Releases: Believe in the Dead Day

I wish I could say the list of horror DVDs for Tuesday, December 2nd, was X-cellent or X-traordinary, but unfortunately it contains both X-Files movies so I just can’t. Still, there’s some good stuff due tomorrow...

Exclusive Clip From Day the Earth Stood Still DVD!

Tomorrow a brand new edition of the original 1951 masterpiece The Day the Earth Stood Still will street on both a standard def 2-disc and a Blu-ray Special Edition. That’s a good reason to smile. Another is an exclusive clip from one of the featurettes on the DVD that the folks at 20th Century Fox were kind enough to drop in our laps for you enjoyment!

Lionsgate Nabs Scourge for DVD

All right, so it didn’t exactly blow away The Foywonder when he reviewed it, but I can’t help but still be somewhat interested in seeing how Scourge turns out. I won’t have long to wait as Fangoria has learned that Lionsgate will be dropping Scourge to DVD come February 24th.

Dylan Dog Trade Announced

To help celebrate the long-overdue adaptation of the Italian comic Dylan Dog, Kevin Munroe’s Dead of Night, Dark Horse Comics has announced an April release date for The Dylan Dog Case Files, a 680-page (!) trade paperback collection of the translated series.

Pit & Pendulum Comes to Comics

In an example of two fates running concurrently to one another and finally meeting at the opportune time, both Darren G. Davis of Bluewater Productions and Marc Lougee of Handmade Heores realized they were working on projects under the Ray Harryhausen Presents banner, and immediately decided to join forces.

Tommy Lee Wallace is Back With Helliversity

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Halloween III helmer Tommy Lee Wallace, other than his convention appearances over the last few years, but this morning THR got word that the director is making his way back to horror fans with a film called Helliversity.

Sideshow's New Dead: The Harbinger!

I love that Sideshow has the presence of mind to create a series all their own that they can continue making ad infintum with any variations of zombie they can think of. That’s what we call forward thinking, fiends.

Saw V & Repo DVD Date & Specs

The folks over at DVD Active got a look at a trade ad for the upcoming Saw V DVD release, which something tells me isn’t going to fly off the shelves like the others did. Maybe because it was a POS?

Snake Women Lurk Deep in the Jungle

My personal experience with monster movies from Thailand haven't been happy ones, especially ones that involve killer snake people. I recall one I saw from a few years ago called Devil Species that was so bad it made me never want to see another Thai horror movie ever again. But after watching the trailer for Deep in the Jungle, I might be willing to lift my moratorium.

Satanic Turkey Rampage in Thankskiling

It was about a year ago I reviewed a movie called Zombeak! that billed itself as a the world's first satanic killer chicken movie. I didn't think that wacko movie could possibly be topped in the unholy poultry department. That was until I heard about ThanksKilling. Now it's a turkey turning the tables on mankind.

Dark Horse's Bruce Figure

One thing I think we can all agree on the collectible world is short of is Bruce Campbell figures that come with whiskey, don’t you think? Enter Dark Horse, who have taken up the mantle and run with it, producing the first Bruce figure from My Name is Bruce, which hits DVD on February 10th.