Catherine Hardwicke Eyeing Maximum Ride

Not sure if you’re afraid of birds like some of our readership, but I know everyone is afraid of wolves. Slavering, violent, beastily monstrosities that they are. So what’s scarier than wolves and birds? Why, wolf and birdmen, of course!

Sci Fi Channel Rebrands as Syfy

Have you heard the news yet that the Sci Fi Channel is going to change its name to Syfy? I realize we live in the world of nonsensical name branding like Google and Zune and Wii, but "Syfy" is just the word "sci fi" still pronounced as "sci fi" only now spelled like it was written by a preschooler. Genius!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Pontypool

We should have an "official" review for Pontypool up shortly. But in the meantime, Rick Trembles has seen it already and provides his own spin on the story for our readers as only he can!

Final Word on Re-Animator 3D

With all the nonsense swirling about on other sites about casting, start dates, etc., it's hard to know exactly what's true and what's not. Do we cover it? Should we cover it? We've consumed a ton of aspirin over the last week as a result. I can tell you that this will be the final mention of Re-Animator 3D here until someone signs a damned contract.

Phasma Ex Machina Trailer Now Live

Here at Dread Central we LOVE ghost stories. The more noise the dead, make the happier we are. A haunting new tale is on the way called Phasma Ex Machina from writer/director Matt Osterman, and I've gotta say it looks kind of spooky.

Sway Red Band Trailer Now Live

The new red band trailer for the indie slasher Sway just hit MySpace TV, and thanks to it I will now have the movie's theme song burned into my brain for the rest of the day. Proceed with caution -- I'm sure the same thing will happen to you.

New Clip: Lesbian Vampire Killers

If it seems like we’ve been overloading you with goodies from Lesbian Vampire Killers, that’s probably because we have been. What can we say; vampires, lesbians, comedy … there’s a lot to love about this baby!

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Remake Shooting in May

Anyone who has ever seen the stellar slice of TV horror from back in the day known as Don't be Afraid of the Dark knows what a scary flick it was. Those little cone-headed bastards haunted my nightmares forever! As with all good horror flicks lately a remake is never far away. Lucky for us this one is in really good hands.

Branagh Eying Demon Remake

While speaking to Fangoria recently, actor/director Kenneth Branagh dropped an interesting bit of news about a genre project that he'd be into doing after directing Thor for Marvel.

Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre Trailer

That's right, kids, the trailer for the movie with what has to be the damned strangest name for a horror movie ever, The Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre, has just hit online, and of course we've got a peek at it for ya!

Sorority Row Trailer This Weekend?

Going to see Knowing this weekend? Well, if you are crazed enough to brave two hours of Nic Cage, you may just be lucky enough to check out the trailer for the forthcoming remake of The House on Sorority Row.

Karl Urban Joins And Soon the Darkness

Yet more cast members have assumed roles in the And Soon the Darkness remake, joining the previously announced Odette Yustman and Amber Heard -- notably, The Irrefutable Truth About Demons' Karl Urban. What? You were expecting me to mention one of those low-budget rinky-dink Hobbit flicks?

House of the Dead: Overkill Sets Record

It is with great fuckin' pride that I announce that Sega's latest video game entry into the fucking House of the Dead franchise, House of the Dead: Overkill (review), has set a Guinness World Record!

Specs and Stills from The Devil's Tomb

Sony Pictures released a handful of stills for their upcoming DVD release of The Devil's Tomb, and like always we have them for you in all their gory glory.

The Beacon Captures Top Prize at Paranoia Fest

The first (hopefully) annual Paranoia Film Festival on the illustrious Queen Mary has come and gone, so of course people have been wondering which film won the Best Feature award.