Nina Dobrev Lands Lead in Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev, whom you may remember from the godawful "Fright Night" with a werewolf rip-off Never Cry Werewolf, has landed herself a new gig. One with a bit more bite.

Rob Zombie on H2 Set

Yet another picture from the set of Halloween 2 has surfaced, this time of Zombie just chilling on set. Steady .... steady .... I know you're excited.

Top Cow Preview: The Darkness #76

Top Cow released two covers for the upcoming The Darkness #76, which hits stores on March 25th, 2009, and we've got a look at both of them for you!

Deodato Has Giallos on Horizon

Love it or hate it, one cannot deny the lasting (and somewhat infamous) legacy of Italian horror maestro Ruggero Deodato’s cult film Cannibal Holocaust.

The Buz: Creature from the LOL Lagoon

The Buz™ is back again this week with a new panel featuring my personal favorite Universal Monster. The Creature from the LOL Lagoon.

New Badass Gremlins Figures Coming Soon

Stumbled across these listings that can't even be found on the Jun Planning website and were not even shown at NY Toyfair!

DVD Releases: March 10, 2009: Let Crowley Reel You In

A Swedish vampire, a British occultist, German expressionism, and good ol' sex & drugs USA style. You can bring all that and more home with you on March 10th, 2009, when the following DVDs hit the street.

The Last House on the Left Making-of Video and More

More Last House on the Left goodies have sprung up online and we've got your directions to make sure you catch each of them.

George Romero Sets the Record Straight on Crazies Remake

This weekend at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Chicago, George A. Romero was one of the featured special guests. Not only did the esteemed Godfather of Zombie Films give genre fanatics a taste of his new film ...Of The Dead, but he also answered fan questions. One topic that came up was Romero’s involvement with the remake of The Crazies.

Don’t Look in the Basement Getting the Remake Treatment

Well, it seems like these days every other news item in the horror world is about a remake…and this is no exception.

Playmates Terminator: Salvation Toys Image Blow-out!

Now that we've all seen that sweet new Terminator: Salvation trailer, it's a good bet that all expectations for the film are running pretty high. I know mine are. And what would a blockbuster be without some cool-ass collectible to go along with it?

Dakota Fanning Official for Twlight Sequel, New Moon

As Dakota Fanning continues to blossom into womanhood, causing older guys everywhere to begin feeling creepy and unclean, the former child acting moppet is now officially set to vamp it up in New Moon, the next tweentacular installment in the Twilight film series.

Watch The Cell 2 Online June 23rd

Remember that flick The Cell from a few years ago? What it lacked in story it more than made up for in visuals, and I'm not just talking about J-Lo's amazing ass either. Warner and New Line have been sitting on the sequel for a while now, but they've finally decided to release it ... in the strangest of ways.

First Pic of Bill Moseley in Halloween 2

The first picture of Bill Moseley as horror host Uncle Seymour Coffins from Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 appeared online today, and I have to say he looks really badass!

Anne Heche Stars in Chemtrail Story Toxic Skies...or Does She?

A growing number of people believe in the existence of chemtrails, toxic chemicals or biological agents that are supposedly being deliberately sprayed at high altitude by the US government (and/or other entities) for a purpose undisclosed to the general public, resulting in respiratory illnesses and other health problems. A couple of days ago a film touching on that very topic, Toxic Skies, aired on Australian TV, but it's nearly impossible to find any information on it. Not even on the IMDB.