First Look at My Bloody Valentine Killer!

The look of the killer from My Bloody Valentine 3D hasn’t exactly been a secret, but today we’ve got our first really good look at the psycho who makes everyone’s lives a 3D terror ride to hell come January 16th, 2009.

New Terminator Salvation Trailer!

Yeah, yeah, so Terminator Salvation may not be 100% horror, I understand that, but if you can’t find horror elements in a story about robots taking over the world and killing off mankind, you’re missing some integral part of your brain workings.

Official Site for Pulido's The Graves Open

The doors have swung open on the official site for Evil Ernie creator Brian Puldio’s first foray into full-length horror, The Graves. The story follows two sisters whose trip to a remote mining town turns into a struggle for survival against evil from both this and other worlds.

First Unborn Clip Surfaces

There’s a brand new clip from David Goyer’s The Unborn online now, and all you have to do to check it out is scroll down a bit. See how much easier we make your life? We try to keep evil close at hand at all times.

Golden Compass Director on New Moon?

You know it’s a slow news day when we’re doing stories on who will be in the director’s chair for New Moon, the upcoming Twilight sequel that Catherine Hardwicke recently stepped away from due to creative differences.

Sideshow's Patient Zero Goes 1:4 Scale?

There's no question Sideshow Collectibles puts out some really cool stuff, my favorite of which has always been their Dead series. Who doesn't want a collection of zombies on their shelf? Now it seems the Dead are going to be getting a little bigger!

Two New Stepfather Stills

Screen Gems released two new stills today for their upcoming redux of The Stepfather and as per usual we have a looksee at them for ya.

Sony Takes Harrelson to Zombieland Next October

There are two things that sound like a match made in cinema heaven to me: Woody Harrelson and zombies. Now that may be an odd statement of sorts but as a fan of Natural Born Killers you know just how intense Harrelson can be. Yeah, I know, Zombieland is a horror-comedy, but a guy can wish no?

Wolfman Remake Moved to November

Looks like we're going to be waiting a little longer than expected to catch The Wolfman remake as Universal announced today that the movie's release date has been bumped to next November.

New Friday the 13th Stills Now Online

You know we're getting close to a film's release when you get to write a new story about it nearly every day. In this episode of sweaty Friday the 13th anticipation we present to you some new stills!

NECA's Trick 'R Treat Sam Figure

With all the buzz surrounding Warner Bros. horror anthology Trick 'r Treat it was only a matter of time before someone aside from Sideshow made a figure out of the film's main evil entity, Sam, and is it any surprise that that someone is NECA?

Details on Hayter's Werewolf Chronicles

X-Men penner David Hayter has a new project in the works that he’ll be directing for Crystal Sky Films called The Werewolf Chronicles. Today was the first I’d heard of it, which is weird since I have a supernatural sense of smell for lycanthrope films.

Hit and Run Trailer

The nice folks over at MGM just sent along the official trailer for their upcoming direct-to-DVD offering Hit and Run. The story is about a college student who thinks she accidentally kills a cat on her way home one night, but instead finds a man’s nearly dead body impaled on the bumper of her Jeep. Easy mistake, happens all the time.

Synapse Films Gets Sick Girl

It’s odd; I have had a copy of Sick Girl in my hands since it got such a good reaction at the last Fear Fest, but I’ve yet to actually sit down with it yet. My plan was to do so tonight, which may have inspired the good news Twitch learned today.

More Thai Gore in Meat Grinder

We don’t know what the hell it’s about, the Thai language is decidedly difficult to understand, all we know is Meat Grinder looks to be taking up the mantle Art of the Devil created in terms of Thailand-based gore extravaganzas. Check out the Meat Grinder trailer below and see what I mean. We’ll bring you more on this interesting slice of Thai madness as we learn it!