Lionsgate to Release Slaughter High Uncut!

You know, after sailing through some troubled waters for the better part of 2008, Lionsgate continues to make amends with horror fans by pulling off some really unexpected DVD coups. Following in the steps of the original My Bloody Valentine (review), the studio is now set to release Slaughter High uncut when it hits store shelves on April 14th.

Neil Marshall Unleashes Centurion

Details surrounding Neil Marshall's latest film, Centurion, were announced today, and even though it's not horror per se, we're sure that it will still appeal to you, oh dearest reader!

The Burrowers DVD Details

The latest film from J.T. Petty, The Burrowers, is getting set to make its DVD debut from Lionsgate, and we got some details for ya!

Laid to Rest: First Look at Killer!

Every great slasher movie needs a killer that's equally memorable, and if the recent trailer for Robert Hall's Laid to Rest is any indication of what to expect from the movie, a great slasher movie is exactly what we're gonna get!

Vinyan Release Date & A Slew of Stills

We just got a heads up that Sony has set a DVD release date for the Fabrice Du Welz shocker Vinyan of April 7, 2009. The disc will only come with a making-of featurette as of now, but more features may be added down the line.

Malaysian Monster Teaser Silliness

Having a bad day and could use a good laugh? Having a normal day and always in the mood for something to chuckle at? Then feast your eyes on this teaser trailer for Jin Hutan, a new el cheapo supernatural monster movie from Malaysia that's title translates to "Mountain Spirit". And what a monster it is!

Trailer, Poster & Stills for The Objective

IFC Films has released the final poster and trailer for The Objective (review), the new film from Blair Witch co-director Daniel Myrick. IFC will have the film in theaters starting February 4, 2009, with expansion planned starting in March. Check out the poster, trailer, and a batch of stills below!

Lightning Strikes the Sci Fi Channel

I'm sure there are many of you out there wishing lightning really would strike and electrocute the Sci-Fi Channel - or at least some of its executives. I'm afraid that is not what this headline is about. It's a reference to a new original movie in the works over at Sci-Fi titled Lightning Strikes, about a paranormal creature lurking within the lightning that's holding a town hostage.

Media Blasters Gives Monster X a Home

Funny how Guilala went from being a giant Japanese monster that only appeared in a lone movie that's mostly unknown to today's audiences yet nearly 40-years later The X From Outer Space has not only returned in a new movie, he's even become a spokesmonster for a jobs' website.

Dead Rising, Lost Planet Sequels Multi-Console

The rumor has started via IGN by way of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu that a sequel for both Dead Rising and Lost Planet are in the works, and much to the relief of PS3-only owners, they’re going to be multi-platform. It’s too early for any solid details on either game, but hopefully they’ll be making some vast improvements to Dead Rising so it’s not so damn boring after a few hours of gameplay.

Hellraiser & Ghostbusters Blu-ray Specs!

The freaks over at Upcoming Horror Movies got their hands on the specs for the April 21st release of Hellraiser on Blu-ray, and we thought we’d share ‘em with you. Cause, you know, we care.

*Update* Resident Evil 4 to Shoot in Toronto?

**UPDATE: The boys at Arrow in the Head got some more info on the sequel, so get over there and check it out! Needless to say my wish about Anderson not writing it didn't pan out...**

Why Grace Matters: An Open Letter to Anchor Bay

Dear Anchor Bay, I wanted to write this letter on behalf of the movie Grace that I not only have had the distinct pleasure in getting to cover for the last nine months but also screened twice while attending the Sundance Film Festival last week.

A Look at the F.E.A.R. 2 Demo

A few days back the Gaming Fairy left us a nice present on our 360's: the demo for F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, coming to a console near you on February 10th. Yes, there is a Gaming Fairy. No, I can neither confirm nor deny its similarity to Uncle Creepy in a tutu and wings. I've had my shot at it, and I'm here to tell you that we're in for some pants wetting before Valentine's Day.

Blood: The Last Vampire Gets UK Date

Well, I'm jealous; today we confirmed that Chris Nahon’s Blood: The Last Vampire is getting released in the UK before it sees the light of US cinemas. I’m not whining, it just seems like we should be getting it at least around the same time as our brothers and sisters across the pond, no?