Fireball to Burn Up Syfy's Airwaves

They say when you play with fire you're bound to get burned. That's how I feel a lot of the time when I tune in to watch a new Sci-Fi Channel original movie. Their new pyrokinetic thriller Fireball might be the next one to leave me feeling like I've been burnt.

I Scream Man Update

It's been a long while since we've heard anything about Crispin Glover's next genre project, I Scream Man, but an update on the film's progress has just hit, and as always it's our duty to keep you in the loop.

Win a Collectible Forry Tribute Postcard

Hey Acker-monsters! We have got your chance to get your hands on something truly special this week. Something that is guaranteed to be near impossible to find in the near future!

Pangs Give Audiences an Eyeful for 3D Sequel

Well, I guess it’s commendable that the Pang Brothers (Danny and Oxide) are aiming pretty freakin’ high for their next project. In their return to the genre that put them on the map, the Pangs are ready to offer up some more chills for horror fans with their newest movie, The Child’s Eye in 3D . Their first scare-fest, 2002’s The Eye , is of course the source material for the 2008 Jessica Alba debacle/film.

Brian White Moves into Whedon's Cabin

The cast list for Joss Whedon’s new project Cabin in the Woods just got a little longer tonight.

*UPDATE* Dinner For Fiends: Microwaving Last House

You know that with another HUGE remake in theatres it wasn't gonna be long before we waxed on about its pros and cons. This time out Creepy, The Foywonder, Andrew Kasch, and special guest Ben Rock hashed out the good, the bad, and the over-cooked.

Dreamworks Working Nonstop?

About two weeks ago we told you about Patrick Tatopoulos' latest film, Nonstop. A bit more has come out about the project to bring to your ever so curious attention!

Exclusive: Herschell Gordon Lewis Rolls on Grim Fairy Tale

It's always nice to start off the week with some very good news, and that's just what we have for you this morning. Today is the day that the legendary Godfather of Gore, Herschell Gordon Lewis, steps behind the camera once again on his latest film, Grim Fairy Tale.

H2: A Look at Loomis' New Book

"Why Am I Here?" So reads the cover of Dr. Sam Loomis' new book, The Devil Walks Among Us. Hopefully that's what audiences won't find themselves thinking as they're watching Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 come August 28th.

Trailer and Stills for Bleed With Me

The Danish Film Rovdrift, also known as Bleed With Me, has been under way for three years now. And what better way to let the world know that it's finally finished than to unveil the trailer and some juicy stills?

Stills and Synopsis for UK's The Fallow Field

Picture if you will waking up one day not knowing who or where you are. Of course, this happens to me at least once a week, so I'm kind of used to it, but for others such an experience could be the gateway for terror. Welcome to the latest UK chiller, The Fallow Field.

Stills from The Shrieking

Indie film connoisseur Avery dropped some new stills from the Sasquatchploitation epic The Shrieking in our mailbox today, and what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than staring at images for an upcoming Bigfoot movie?

The Weekly Wrap-Up: March 15-21, 2009

It's the first full day of spring, a time of rebirth and rejuvenation. It's also a time of another "re" word -- remake -- but I'm going to temporarily put that trend on hold (other than reminding you all to read Adam Gierasch's blog Creepy Mofos ... Creepy Movies, the first subject of which happens to be those pesky re-dos).

Alyssa Milano Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

The beautiful Alyssa Milano is set to prove to gamers everywhere this summer that she can bust 'em with the best of 'em. Lord, that just sounded so right, did it not?

Troma Unleashes Combat Shock

In their never-ending quest to put out the finest in obscure entertainment, Troma announced today that they're releasing Buddy Giovinazzo's Combat Shock as a two-disc never-before-seen director's cut on July 28th, 2009.