New King This November

I can’t think of anything that’s been floating around in my head for 25 years, outside of various explicit fantasies that I’m sure you don’t want to read about here, so it’s pretty impressive to me when someone, even someone like Stephen King, is able to take something he’s had in his brain pan for so long and actually get it on paper

Writer Talks Killer Car Flick Hybrid

Last week we had a slew of new trailers to show off to you, one of which was for a new movie from Malefique/One Missed Call (remake) helmer Eric Vallette called Hybrid. Not to be confused with the monster movie of the same name, also in development, this Hybrid is about a predatorial car that eats people. Of course.

Neeson Talks After.Life

Now here’s a flick we’ve not heard about in a while; Agineszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo’s After.Life, the story of a girl stuck between this world and the next and the funeral director who may be trying to bury her alive.

First Look Inside Warehouse 13

A few months back we told you guys about a new show being made for The Sci Fi Channel that might have a horror spin to it, “Warehouse 13”. Today Sci Fi Wire put up the first pic of the titular facility, which you can see on your right.

Two Sign for Cabin in the Woods

Finally, some casting is going down for Cabin in the Woods, the Drew Goddard/Joss Whedon-penned horror film that Goddard will be making his directorial debut on.

Miike to Premiere Yatterman at NY Comic Con

Takashi Miike. Few names spark the imagination and feed the fires of fandom more than his when it comes to genre fans. The man has built a following that spans the globe. At the New York Comic Con, fans will meet the man himself as he debuts his latest film, Yatterman.

Hader Writes Horror Flick for Apatow?

In a really interesting bit of news coming out of Sundance, CHUD's Devin Feraci reports that comedian Bill Hader just recently sat down with "SNL" writer Simon Rich to develop a slasher film that happens to be for Judd Apatow of all people.

Carnies is a Wrap!

There’s just nothing quite like a bloody old fashioned freak show. Word is coming from director Brian Corder that his new film Carnies has reached a state of geek completion.

Become a Killer Clown for Your Own Amusement!

Have you ever wondered what you might look like as an evil demented clown bent upon blood, death, and destruction? Well, now’s your chance, if there ever was one!

Exclusive Dread Pic & Set Visit Preview!

With The Midnight Meat Train and The Book Of Blood already in the can, LA-based company Midnight Picture Show is now turning its attention to the aptly titled Dread and has just released this exclusive still from the film!

Motion Picture Purgatory: My Bloody Valentine 3D

A twisted Canadian takes a look at this American remake of a Canadian film directed by a Canadian!

Resident Evil 5 CE Details Revealed!

For a while now we’ve know Capcom was planning on something cool to justify their $90 price tag for the Collector’s Edition of Resident Evil 5, it’s the specifics we were not sure of. Finally the details have been revealed and I have to say yes, it sure as hell is worth the extra $30!

U.S. Horsemen Trailer

The other day we pointed you guys to the international trailer for The Horsemen, the next original film from Platinum Dunes after The Unborn. Finally a U.S. trailer for it has shown up so you can actually understand what’s being said now!

New Stills & TV Spots for Friday the 13th!

You know the time is almost at hand for our latest trip to Camp Crystal Lake so that means you can expect to get blitzed with stills, trailers, TV spots, etc., a bunch of which were just released today!

Tales from the Darkside on DVD Winners Announced

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! One of my favorite shows ever is finally hitting DVD, and if you've never seen this show, get ready to be hooked! Want a free copy? You know you do!