Walking Distance Gets a Voorhees Killer

It being Friday the 13th and all, I guess this kind of news just make sense. Was it planned this way or just coincidence? We may never know ... Fangoria just got the first look at the poster for Mel House’s Walking Distance, as well as some very cool casting news for the film.

New Dead Air Trailer!

Imagine how tough it must be to have to take month-long breaks, or longer, while shooting a movie that’s supposed to take place over the course of one night. Can you say continuity hell?

Horror Fest Cancer Benefit Tomorrow!

One thing I love the most about being a fan of horror is the sense of community you get when around like-minded individuals. Sure we have our disagreements on what makes for a good horror movie, but at heart we’re all fans and more than any other genre, we’re fans who have one another’s back.

The Echo Trailer is Here!

Hot on the heels of the news that Yam Laranas’ The Echo would be making it’s North American premiere at this year’s Fantasia, Twitch Film just got an early look at the official international sales trailer for the film, which you can check out below.

First Look at Fantasia 2008 Lineup!

Someday, when I’m finally as rich as I deserve to be, I won’t have to make these decisions about what to focus my energy on during the month of July. This year it was a toss up between San Diego Comic Con and Fantasia and, sadly, it looks like Comic Con’s winning.

Release Plans for The Road & Meat Train

Seems that studios these days are becoming more and more wary of when and how they release their horror titles, and just how much exposure they will get when they’re out. I know our genre is supposed to scare people, but this is getting out of hand.

*Updated!* New Mirrors Featurette & Pics!

Having seen a good portion of Alexandre Aja's Mirrors in the editing room, I was a bit disappointed in the official trailer that just came online. It felt completely generic, like a bad Ghost House Pictures movie. As a response, the good people at Fox threw us this juicy new featurette, which is a much better representation of the nightmarish, eye-popping nature of the flick. Beware of a few brief spoilers!

Exclusive Recon 2022 Clip!

This week the sequel to Recon 2022: The Caprini Massacre hit DVD, cleverly under the title of Recon 2022: The Mezzo Incident, and just to make sure you guys are aware of it walking among us, co-writer and star John Fallon dropped us an exclusive clip from the low-budget sci-fi epic, along with a slew of pics from the film.

Supermarket Becomes Alien Raiders, Director Talks!

Though it’s not due to hit DVD until the end of the year, I wanted to give some attention to another film from the Raw Feed line of direct-to-DVD horrors, if nothing else because Otis (DVD review) is out this week and we’re excited about what’s next for the label.

Did You Know Murder Loves Killers?

A few weeks back we showed you guys a brand-new poster designed by Stephen Romano (want to see your movie ideas as a poster, too?

Official Plot for L: Change the World

In a story over on Twitch about the English-subtitled DVD release of L: Change the World in Hong Kong, my ocular organs ran across a full plot synopsis for the film, which I realized I had never read before. We’ve been reporting on the Death Note sequel/spin-off for months now, but never actually knew what it was about. Strange.

The Nightmare Factory Returns

For those of you out there who like your horror both visual and textual, the new edition of The Nightmare Factory is going to be a graphic novel worth keeping your eyeballs peeled for. Plus, eyeballs stay fresher that way.

Sundown DVD Date, Waxwork Remake Status

Anthony Hickox first mentioned a possible remake of his seminal 80’s classic monster mash-up Waxwork when I interviewed him a few months back (read about it, and a possible Waxwork musical, right here).

UPDATE: Mirrors Pictures Today, Trailer Now!

UPDATE: The trailer for Mirrors is now online and embedded below! Alexandre Aja's remake of of Mirrors is slowly pulling me in. Sure, it's a remake of a Korean ghost story and those are becoming old hat, but something about casting Kiefer Sutherland in it gives the film and edge that the others lack. Too bad we haven't seen a trailer yet, and the release is just a couple months away. Oh Aja! Why do you tease us!

Red Mist Gets Freaky

In news that just kinda came out of nowhere, Fangoria got word that Shrooms (review) director Paddy Breathnach's follow up feature that has been commonly known as Red Mist will be undergoing a name change, to Freakdog of all things.