Bekmambetov Wanted no Dusk?

Timur Bekmambetov, the talented fellow who brought us the Russian awesomeness known as Night Watch and Day Watch, may not be returning to round out the series.

Hellboy Gets Sexy

IMP Awards received a new poster for the upcoming Hellboy sequel, The Golden Army. This marks the 12th poster we've seen so far, and it is the sexiest. Well ... as sexy as you can get with a guy painted red standing next to Selma Blair.

RIP: Stan Winston April 7th, 1946 - June 15th, 2008

We’ve been hearing for a while that effects maven Stan Winston was in bad health, but this is still incredibly shocking. On June 15th, 2008, Stan Winston passed away at the age of 62.

Artist Renders Childhood Fears

It has been kind of a slow week for those of us behind this article. But we wanted to direct your attention to agentparanoia's photo set of Childhood fears on flickr.com. There's some really creepy imagery there including the picture below which features everyones favorite clown. Keep it tuned here for more updates throughout the week and be sure to check out the rest of the images by clicking the link above or the image.

Marvel Zombies Headed to Consoles?

File this one under rumors for now, but expect to be taking it out of that filing p soon. With E3 almost upon us, people usually do a poor job of keeping things secret and over the weekend a whole plethora of projects leaked out all over the place.

DVD Releases: Stare Into the Dead Pit

There's not a helluva lot to look forward to come Tuesday, June 17th, but I'm sure you'll find something you like...

First Pics, Video for Smash Cut

I’m sure it’s got to be hard to follow up a film with a title, not to mention a premise, like Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter. But filmmaker Lee Demarbe is a trooper and stuck to his guns, and the result is Smash Cut, a rather dully-titled (in comparison, at least) horror romp about a movie director loosing his mind.

Downey Playing Cowboys & Aliens?

With Iron Man raking in money hand over fist, still, I’m sure one of the big questions in Hollywood is something we’ve not heard in a long time; what is Robert Downey, Jr. doing next? Other than the inevitable sequel(s), it looks like it might be the long-gestating adaptation of Cowboys & Aliens.

Ashmore Joins The Thaw

Mark A. Lewis’ enviro-horror flick The Thaw will be rolling in Vancouver as of this coming Monday, and some final casting choices are being made. THR reports that “Smallville” star Aaron Ashmore is one of those choices, signing on to play a college student. Big stretch for him.

Young Romero's Staunton Hill Media Galore!

All has been very quiet in regards to Cameron Romero’s sophomore effort, Staunton Hill, since the project was first announced months and months ago. A lot has happened since then, as is evidenced by a trip over to the film’s official site.

Happy Friday the 13th! Jason's Mask Revealed!

Well, I guess being a music station gets you some pull with Platinum Dunes, eh? So what, we’re not good enough to post video from the set of the Friday the 13th remake? I kid, of course. I was honored just to be invited to set! MTV just put up the first look at Jason’s mask from the upcoming reboot. I got to hold said mask on set and let me tell ya, it’s pretty damn sexy. Sure, it’s nothing groundbreaking but why should it be? It’s iconic!

Walking Distance Gets a Voorhees Killer

It being Friday the 13th and all, I guess this kind of news just make sense. Was it planned this way or just coincidence? We may never know ... Fangoria just got the first look at the poster for Mel House’s Walking Distance, as well as some very cool casting news for the film.

New Dead Air Trailer!

Imagine how tough it must be to have to take month-long breaks, or longer, while shooting a movie that’s supposed to take place over the course of one night. Can you say continuity hell?

Horror Fest Cancer Benefit Tomorrow!

One thing I love the most about being a fan of horror is the sense of community you get when around like-minded individuals. Sure we have our disagreements on what makes for a good horror movie, but at heart we’re all fans and more than any other genre, we’re fans who have one another’s back.

The Echo Trailer is Here!

Hot on the heels of the news that Yam Laranas’ The Echo would be making it’s North American premiere at this year’s Fantasia, Twitch Film just got an early look at the official international sales trailer for the film, which you can check out below.