Dead Snow Getting Limited Theatrical in June

Who doesn't love Nazi Zombie movies? These cretins were so evil and so foul it's almost poetic that they be given the chance to die gruesomely not once but twice! Well, come June you'll be able to experience the bloodshed in theatres first-hand.

King Kong vs. Godzilla Rare Print Storming NH

If you’re a horror fan in the New Hampshire area, get ready for a film screening of epic proportions. On April 24th, NH-based Saturday Fright Special is hosting a viewing of a newly minted print of the 1962 monster vs. monster classic King Kong vs. Godzilla at The Colonial Theatre in Keene, NH.

Adam Gierasch Talks Horror and Remakes

Adam Gierasch is a lot of things. Writer, director, madman, outspoken, friend, and of course talented. He's quickly becoming one of the more important voices in our genre, and like every important voice, it needs to be heard.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: March 8-14, 2009

Aside from the obvious stuff like Halloween 2, Stephen King adaptations, Sam Raimi's celebrated return to the genre, and questionable award nominations, you just never know what's going to attract attention around these parts.

16th Century Vampire Unearthed Near Venice

Even hardcore vampire aficionados like myself admit that the subgenre is stale and stagnant. What we need is a fresh approach, a new spin on the mythos that de-romanticizes it. How about portraying them as springing from the ashes of the plagues that ravaged Europe between 1300 and 1700? And let's call them "shroud-eaters."

Fight Nazi Zombies on Us!

Yesterday we announced that Call of Duty: World at War was getting a new map pack that included a brand new Nazi Zombie level called “Verrückt” (Zombie Asylum). Today we've got your chance to win a token to get the DLC for FREE!

Trailer for The Conduit Now Online

Strange things are afoot in Washington, DC, and I'm not just referring to all the people complaining about the earmarks in Obama's budget or the rapidly expanding body of Newt Gingrich. We're talking about dangerous creatures and bloody conspiracies here, people! Serious business!

Another Postcard from Harper's Island

It's been a few weeks, but yet another postcard from "Harper's Island" has mysteriously shown up in our e-mail. This time it appears they have a bit of a maintenance issue because someone made a hell of a mess on the stairs. Dig it!

New Grace Teaser Now Online

We've been hearing nothing but good things about Paul Solet's Grace, but there hasn't been much to actually see so we could judge for ourselves. But today, thanks to Fangoria, a new teaser has surfaced, which ties in with the film's SXSW Film Festival screenings.

Young Myers Cast -- Chase Wright Vanek

As you've all heard by now, Daeg Faerch proved to be just a little too old and tall to play the role of young Michael Myers again in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. Since that news broke everyone's been wondering, "Who's gonna fill those very big small shoes?" Wonder no longer.

New Last House on the Left TV Spot

Wondering what the critics are saying about the Last House on the Left remake? This enticing new TV spot sheds some light on their opinions. Let's hope it delivers the goods for you too.

DeadWalkers Trailer Now Online

Need a Western with a little more bite than your average "shoot the dude with the black hat on" premise? How about throwing some zombies into the mix! Yes, that'll do the trick!

Laurent Briet in Talks to Direct The Strangers 2

Me? I dug The Strangers. It lost some steam during the second and third acts, but overall it totally did its thing. So much so that sequel talk is a hot subject right now, and there's one director out there who's a front-runner for the gig.

More F13 and the Alien Quadrilogy Go Blu

Well, it was bound to happen. The good folks at The Digital Bits have received word that there are lots of goodies coming for Blu-ray owners this year!

War: Fighting Back the Armies of Hell

Here's an odd combination -- one guy who has worked mainly in art departments and another guy who's been working for Animal Planet are joining together to bring us a movie about dead soldiers beating off demons. Wow, that sounds dirty.