Rob Zombie Talks H2

We've all seen the pictures, watched the YouTube clips, and devoured every bit of Halloween 2 news we could find in anticipation of the movie's August 28th release date; but now it's time to hear from the man himself.

New Haunting in Connecticut Clip

Move over, Psycho! There's another film in town that looks like it might challenge your ability to keep people out of the bathtub.

Thing Prequel Update

John Carpenter's The Thing is some pretty sacred ground. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief when it was announced that it wasn't being remade. Instead, we're getting a prequel. Not too upset about that!

Halloween 2 Behind-the-Scenes Video

The Internet is a wondrous place, isn't it? Remember back in the day when we had to wait for a DVD to come out to catch some behind-the-scenes info on our favorite films? Those days have gone the way of the 8-Track and Crystal Pepsi.

Get Ready for a Grave Reality

Here at DC we're always on the lookout for interesting sounding indie projects to point our readers toward, so when filmmaker Oliver Tosh dropped us a line about Grave Reality, which he describes as "a hair-raising comic book style horror film with a provocative plot," we had to do a little more digging.

Stills From All About Evil

The first stills from Joshua Grannell's debut feature All About Evil made their way into our mailboxes today and we just had to share.

Dead Set Licensed to Four New Territories

Everyone on the Dread Central staff who's seen the British reality TV/zombie hybrid known as "Dead Set" (review) is a huge fan. So it was good news that soon a large portion of the rest of the world will have a chance to enjoy it as well.

Xombie DVD Specs

Just a few short weeks ago we told you that Halo 8 had acquired the rights to release the DVD for Xombie: Dead On Arrival The Complete Flash Series, and now we're here to tell you what to expect once this digital bundle of undead joy drops!

More Repo Midnight Screenings

Just when you thought the road show was over ... Good news, Repo! fans! Do to the success of the Repo! Road Shows, Lionsgate in sending the little film that could back into theatres for midnight runs across the country.

Landlord Teaser Trailer

Another day, another movie about the things that go bump in the night. Namely ghosts. Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Landlord, an independent horror comedy about the young owner of a haunted apartment building, who must choose between serving the monsters and saving the tenants they devour.

Catherine Hardwicke Eyeing Maximum Ride

Not sure if you’re afraid of birds like some of our readership, but I know everyone is afraid of wolves. Slavering, violent, beastily monstrosities that they are. So what’s scarier than wolves and birds? Why, wolf and birdmen, of course!

Sci Fi Channel Rebrands as Syfy

Have you heard the news yet that the Sci Fi Channel is going to change its name to Syfy? I realize we live in the world of nonsensical name branding like Google and Zune and Wii, but "Syfy" is just the word "sci fi" still pronounced as "sci fi" only now spelled like it was written by a preschooler. Genius!

Motion Picture Purgatory: Pontypool

We should have an "official" review for Pontypool up shortly. But in the meantime, Rick Trembles has seen it already and provides his own spin on the story for our readers as only he can!

Final Word on Re-Animator 3D

With all the nonsense swirling about on other sites about casting, start dates, etc., it's hard to know exactly what's true and what's not. Do we cover it? Should we cover it? We've consumed a ton of aspirin over the last week as a result. I can tell you that this will be the final mention of Re-Animator 3D here until someone signs a damned contract.

Phasma Ex Machina Trailer Now Live

Here at Dread Central we LOVE ghost stories. The more noise the dead, make the happier we are. A haunting new tale is on the way called Phasma Ex Machina from writer/director Matt Osterman, and I've gotta say it looks kind of spooky.