New Date for Ondaatje's Lodger

When we last reported on it, Sony’s Stage 6 was set to release David Ondaatje’s remake of The Lodger on December 31st, though we had no idea in what theatrical capacity. As of today, however, things have changed!

RIP Bill Landis

The name Bill Landis might not be instantly recognizable to some of us, but for fans of exploitation cinema, he was truly an icon. So it is with much sadness that we pass on the news that Bill suffered a fatal heart attack yesterday.

Mutant Chronicles, 100 Feet to Sci Fi

With the minor exception of Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers, a film making its premiere on the Sci Fi Channel is never a good sign. So I have to say I’m concerned that Eric Red’s return to horror, 100 Feet, has been resigned to that fate.

McGee's Grimm Invades IDW

IDW announced today that April 2009 will see the first of a five-issue miniseries for American McGee’s Grimm, a comic vision of the game McGee created for Gametap.

Artist David Choe's First Toy Revealed!

Got a special someone on your list who just loves creepy stuff? LA-based artist David Choe has created something that may suit their needs quite well, especially if they also like extremely unique, limited artwork.

Zombie Talks Halloween 2 Location, Start Date

There’s not a shitload of new information in this, the first “official” word from Rob Zombie on Halloween 2, but the recent Fearnet blog posted by Spider, frontman of Powerman 5000 and brother of Mr. Zombie, does have some juicy chunks for those of you chomping at the bit for more.

Art & Dates for Anchor Bay's Walled In, Crowley

The artwork and release dates for two anticipated films from Anchor Bay have finally surfaced over on Amazon; how fortuitous that you can just scroll down to the bottom and pre-order both of them through Evilshop!

Weaver Not Back for Ghostbusters 3?

It’s funny; all the reporting we did about a return to the Ghostbusters series, the news that all four of the original cast members would return for a third movie and our overwhelming excitement for it all, I don’t remember it ever being mentioned if Sigourney Weaver would have a place in the new installment.

Get Your Crowley On!

The big day is almost here! So what do you get for the naughtiest of the naughty on your list? How about one of the coolest fucking masks you're ever gonna see?

James Gunn Shows Us His Christmas Peanus!

Genre director James Gunn is ready to spread a little Christmas fear our way with a short film that kind of defies description. Be warned though -- this is not safe for work ... I think!

My Bloody Valentine 3D Gets Mostly 2D Release and New Trailer

Some crappy news came out today for fans who have been looking forward to seeing Harry Warden reach out of the big screen to tear their hearts out in My Bloody Valentine 3D; apparently most theaters will be carrying the flick in 2D only.

8 Shorts to Die For Contest Voting Open!

Just in case you missed it or weren’t paying attention, the submission process for our “8 Shorts to Die For” contest is officially closed. Done. Finitio. It is no more! Now is the time where you, the fan, vote for your favorite shorts of the 16 submitted! The number will then then whittled down even further and our celebrity judges will determine the final 8!

Evil Papercraft to Alleviate the Winter Blues!

So it’s Christmas ... sorry Winter ... Break for anyone who’s still pursing some form of higher education, and if I remember much about those days (which I don’t), it’s that you spend a lot of time indoors. Especially if you’re on the East Coat or in the Midwest. It’s freaking cold out there.

DVD Releases: Pulsing Degeneration

A ridiculously small amount of horror DVDs are hitting on Tuesday, December 23rd and Saturday, December 27th, 2008. See what I mean below!

Arcana Plans Five Comic Adaptations

Arcana Studios announced a deal today with Legacy Filmworks and Bron Management to see five films based on their comics made into films, the first of which will be the Kevin Sorbo-starrer Paradox.