FEARnet: A Call to Arms

Those of you who are aware of our history understand that we know a thing or two thousand about televised horror. So now the question beckons - how much longer must we get jerked around before we have a channel on TV for horror fans to call their own?

Excusive Clip - House

Looking to gear up for the April 7th DVD release of House? It is sporting one hell of a cast -- Bill Moseley, Leslie Easterbrook, Lew Temple ... wait, wasn't this once called The Devil's Rejects? Oh wait ... entirely different movie. Even weirder? This is one of them newfangled Christian horror films! Time to get your Christ on with an exclusive clip!

Cirque du Freak Open For Business in 2010

Good news for those of you anxiously awaiting the release of Cirque du Freak! Universal has finally given the film an official release date!

Vinyan Clips Online

Five clips from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment went online today to celebrate the film's DVD release on April 7th, 2009, and we've got every single one of them for you! Check them out below, and if interested, pre-order the flick by clicking on the link to our EVILShop on Amazon! Official Synopsis:

Trailer for The Taken

Another trailer chock full of indie goodness hit online today in the form of Richard Valentine's Liam-less horror opus The Taken.

H2: New Strode Pic and Myers Video

A couple of updates on the Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 front: a new picture of Scout as Laurie and even a video chat with Tyler Mane!

Portland and Seattle Get Deep Red

Festival programmers Shade Rupe and Chris Bavota announce their first collaboration: the Deep Red International Festival of Fantastic Film, or DRIFFF, debuting in Portland, Oregon at the Clinton Street Theater, April 24-25, and in Seattle at the historic Grand Illusion Cinema, May 8-9.

Beware! Evil Things are Coming!

More college kids looking for a good time have vanished without a trace. The only thing that we know for sure is that they were apparently the victim of Evil Things. Very ... evil ... things.

Eve Creator Talks Hack/Slash Similarities

Since the news about Eve broke a few days ago, the Internet genre sites have been rife with talk about its similarity to another project that is in the works called Hack/Slash. Eve creator Brian Metcalf has spoken out about the situation.

It's a Wonderful Afterlife Cast Grows

Good news for a horror comedy that looks like one to keep an eye on -- Sally Hawkins, Zoe Wanamaker, Jimi Mistry and Mark Addy have joined the cast of Gurinder Chadha's It's a Wonderful Afterlife which is shooting right now in the U.K.!

Billy Zane is the Magic Man

Ever notice whenever there's a non-comedy made about magicians they're almost always either using their powers of magic and illusions to fight evil or commit it? The pattern continues with the serial killer thriller Magic Man. The real magic might well be its cast: Billy Zane, Robert Davi, Armand Assante, Bai Ling, Andrew Divoff, and Richard Tyson.

Clip from Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

A brief clip from Foy's most anticipated Asylum movie of the year, Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, surfaced online today showing the two undersea titans going at it via the expected poorly rendered CGI! YAY!

Second Teaser Poster for The Graves

The second of eight teaser posters for Brian Pulido's The Graves hit this morning courtesy of Mischief Maker Studios. Curious?

New Stepfather One-Sheet

Ok then! Now that April Fool's Day is officially over and everyone has all the bogus story chicanery out of their systems, let's get back to some hard news. Which incidentally is less comfortable than soft news, just a bit more durable. What the hell am I talking about? Oh yeah! The new one-sheet for The Stepfather debuted recently, and it's a real killer.

Mutants Trailer Now Live

Twitch Film got their hands on the full trailer for the new French Zombie-fest Mutants today, and wow is this one now officially on our radar.