Dead of Night Snags its Vamp - Taye Diggs

It was around November of last year when we last talked about Dead of Night, the live action adaptation of the Dylan Dog Italian comic book series starring Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington as the film's heroes. Now it's time to introduce you to one of the flick's big bads ...

More Info on the Next Riddick Film

With the surprisingly positive response to the new Fast and Furious film that's right around the corner, Universal Pictures seems hot to get Vin Diesel back into another role that he made famous -- that of the badass known as Riddick.

Exclusive: Producer Talks Let the Right One In Remake

In his latest article for us, DC Blogger Scott Allie of Dark Horse Comics spoke exclusively to the producer of the upcoming Let the Right One In remake, Fred Malmberg. During his interview Fred shed a bit of light on what to expect from the redux.

DVD Releases: March 24, 2009: A Green River Full of Locusts & Snakeheads

We've had some lean DVD offerings in the past, but this week could take the cake for the most paltry. On March 24th, 2009, you can choose among a Czech double-feature, two Sci-Fi Channel (before they were Syfy) originals, the saga of a Japanese serial killer who happens to be handicapped, and an obscure indie that sounds like the best of the bunch.

Drawing on Your Nightmares: Letting the Right One In

A few months ago I was in a meeting with my colleagues at Paradox Entertainment to talk about the direction of the Robert E. Howard properties that they own, including Solomon Kane, which I write, and Conan and Kull, on which I consult.

New Moon Wolf Pack Cast

You've been waiting by your computer. Frantically hitting refresh on sites like Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Finally the news you've been dying for has come -- the parts of Wolf Pack in the Twilight sequel, New Moon, have finally been cast.

Early Still from Von Trier's Antichrist

Sometimes it's best to just let pictures speak for themselves. In the case of this still from Lars Von Trier's Antichrist, that's pretty much what we're going to do.

Anaconda DVD and Blu-ray News!

HUGE news today for fans of poorly rendered CGI snakes! You know you want it! You've been waiting months for it, no? Hello? *knocks on screen* Hello?

Sid Haig Honored March 24th in LA

We all love the Captain. I'd be hard pressed to come up with another genre actor still working within the biz that has had a crazier career than Sid Haig. The man has worked with everyone from Lon Chaney to Rob Zombie, and come tomorrow evening -- the devil will be getting his due!

Put the Wrong Subs On, Let The Right One In?

Horror fans? We're rabid. We notice everything sooner or later, and we're certainly not afraid to call someone on their bullshit, and that's exactly what has happened pertaining to Magnolia's English subtitle track on their release of Let the Right One In.

Bryan Singer Wants Prisoners?

Hey, Bryan. What's goin' on? It's good to see you. We hear you are interested in one of the hottest scripts in Hollywood. The one written by that kid from Brooklyn with Mark Wahlberg attached. What's that all about? Okay, well, it was great to meet you. Say hello to ya motha fa' me, okay?

Amanda Seyfried Ducks Snyder's Sucker Punch

Looks like "Big Love" starlet Amanda Seyfried won't be tackling Zack Snyder's next big-screen effort, Sucker Punch after all. According to EW Seyfried has to withdraw from the film due to scheduling conflicts.

Call of Duty Nazi Zombies in Action

We got our hands on a couple of trailers that show you the new Nazi Zombie level in Call of Duty: World at War in blood drenched action. We just have one question for you -- why are you not playing this yet?

Knowing Duo talk Poltergeist, Birds Remakes

With Knowing nabbing the #1 slot at the box office (lord only knows why), two people who are the toast of the town are the film's writers, married couple Stiles White and Juliet Snowden. Why should you care? Because they're also the duo who will be responsible for the upcoming Poltergeist and Birds remakes.

Paintball Site Now Live

An offficial website has opened for the new Flimax Spanish horror film Paintball that's filled with lots of goodies to sift through. No Spanish required (although it would be helpful)!