RIP Angel's Andy Hallett

In some shockingly sad news "Angel"'s Andy Hallett has passed away due to heart disease at the much too young age of just 33.

XXXombies on the Big Screen?

Zombies are fun! XXXombies are even more fun! At least that's what creator Rick Remender hopes to teach us with his "porn-pushing" undead epic!

H2: First Pic of New Young Myers

There's no question filling Daeg Faerch's shoes as young Michael Myers is going to be no easy task, but young actor Chase Wright Vanek seems up for the challenge. On his MySpace page Rob Zombie has posted the first picture of Chase in character. Does this kid look the part? It's time to decide for yourself.

See Sid Haig in Little Big Top at the New Bev

Stepping a little out of character here to let people in the LA area know about a special screening taking place this week of Sid Haig's movie Little Big Top. Simply put Little Big Top is an amazing film, and Haig's performance as a down on his luck clown is alternately heartwarming and hilarious.

Emily Browning Signs On To Sucker Punch

I was one of the many who were disappointed when "Big Love"'s Amanda Seyfried had to withdraw from Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch. But her replacement was announced today, and I must say things are indeed looking up for the project once again.

New Chronicles of Riddick Trailer Packing Death!

Next week brings the return of Riddick to game consoles, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, Atari Games has released a new trailer for The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena that boasts 60 slayings in 60 seconds! So good!

Trailer for A Cadaver Christmas

We love Christmas here at Dread Central. Presents. Spiked eggnog. Strategically placed mistletoe over the groin area. What could be better? How about throwing zombies into the mix? Yes! Now you have our full attention.

First Image from Tell-Tale

The first still from Lena Heady's latest foray into horror, Tell-Tale, hit online today courtesy of the official Tribeca website, and it doesn't exactly tell a whole hell of a lot.

Jamie Campbell-Bower Joins New Moon

It's been a pretty quiet Monday. Not much going on. Yet, we still managed to wrangle up some info for you that you've been DYING for! That's right, kids! Get ready for more Twilight sequel news! Joy!

Monster-Mania 12 Photo Gallery

Didn't make it to the last Monster-Mania convention? No worries! Nomad has chimed in with a boatload of images from the show!

Uncle Bob Martin Joins Us on Dread Central

Here on Dread Central we strive to always find new ways to keep you guys informed and entertained. Sometimes that involves reaching back a bit into horror history, which is exactly what we've done. It is with great pleasure and honor that we announce former Fangoria editor from the Eighties, Uncle Bob Martin, has joined our staff and will be writing regular blogs pertaining to all things horror here for you all to dig on!

DVD Releases: March 31, 2009: Will the Timecrimes of Horrorfest III Give You Goosebumps?

It's a bumper crop of DVDs hitting store shelves this week, including the latest group of After Dark's "8 Films to Die For".

Spend a Night on Has-Been Mountain

Since movies have become much easier to make, there have been tons of indie flicks hitting the market. Here at Dread Central we pride ourselves on carrying the torch for the little guy because you never know when the next big thing is set to come along.

Paramount and MySpace Prep Section 8

We all love social networking. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter have had major impact on our lives. Now, courtesy of Paramount, Gaumont, and MySpace, it will also have an impact of some deaths.

Animated Dante's Inferno on the Way

Following the multimedia model that made Dead Space such a success, Electronics Arts has once again joined with Starz and Anchor Bay to distribute an animated feature based upon the upcoming video game Dante's Inferno.