Horror Sites Join Up for Spring Into Terror '09

Dread Central is pleased to join with MonsterLibrarian.com, Horror Fiction Review, Horrorworld.org, Hellnotes.com, and Dark Scribe Magazine for "Spring Into Terror '09", a collaborative effort to give readers of horror fiction insight into some of this year's recent releases.

More 28 Days Later Comics on the Way!

Fox Atomic Comics and BOOM! Studios announced today at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington, that July will see 28 Days Later return to comic books and graphic novels.

True Blood Season One DVD Trailer

With Alan Ball's vamp series getting ready to kick off its second season this summer, it's only fitting that we take a look back at how it all started.

June DVDs Bring Maniacs, Demons, Fishmen, Italians, and Robots!

June is going to be a busy month for DVD releases. We're going to get supernatural horrors, Italian shockers, and Sci-Fi Channel schlockers; not to mention one hell of an Asylum mocker. Here's a taste of things to come.

Megan Fox Behind-the-Scenes: Jonah Hex

Warner Bros.' Jonah Hex is rolling as we speak, and today the first batch of candid behind-the-scenes images of Megan Fox have hit the web. Megan, Megan, Megan! What we would do for a peek under that bathrobe!

Adam Green Shows Us His Saber

Not that saber, you friggin' perverts! I'm talking about his new short film Saber. And no, it's not a horror movie, BUT it has hot chicks in their underwear dueling with light sabers. I can't think of a reason for you not to watch.

One-Sheet: Richard Kelly's The Box

Those of you waiting for more on Richard Kelly's latest film The Box can finally get a good look at the first official one-sheet for the movie.

The Buz: Jason Drops the Iron Curtain

Before the Internet, and before The Simpsons themed Clue board game, the Cold War was in strong effect with Americans fearing for their very existence. That's why they sent the only man they felt properly represented them to defeat the Soviet threat. A man who was a walking shit storm of death, destruction, patriotism, good ol' fashion family values, and a simple but strong hatred for teenagers and good times.

H2: Scout Speaks and More!

Another video interview has emerged from the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2, this time with Scout Taylor-Compton talking about the flick as well as a couple of other juicy tidbits.

Dread Central Twittering Live from Sets: Crazies and H2

Twitter has revolutionized the way that everyone does things. Case in point -- our man Nomad is out on the set of the remake of The Crazies today, and then he'll be traveling to the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 tomorrow. You can expect full set reports in the near future, but for now Nomad will be tweeting live from the sets!

The Stills That Time Forgot

I know ... a slow Monday news-wise. What a concept! Leave it to The Asylum to ruin our otherwise relaxing day by releasing some stills for their upcoming redux of The Land that Time Forgot. Bastards.

Zombie Apocalypse Coming: First Look!

The new wave of zombie videogame goodness continues with Zombie Apocalypse, due from Konami in September on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

DVD Releases: April 7, 2009: Take a Shuttle to the House of Donkey Punches

With titles ranging from Donkey Punch to House to Shuttle to Vinyan, with a whole lot of strange in-between, there's definitely something for everyone again this week!

Dinner for Fiends: Knowing about the Haunting

All right, kids! Time to strap in for a double dose of DFF goodness as we tackle both The Haunting in Connecticut and Nicolas Cage's latest disasterpiece -- Knowing!

Mutant Chronicles Director Takes a Curve

Today is the day of seemingly dead projects coming back to life. Last year a proposed little flick called Curve was dead in the water, but now it's seeing some resuscitation in the form of Mutant Chronicles director Simon Hunter.