Dread Central Twittering Live from Sets: Crazies and H2

Twitter has revolutionized the way that everyone does things. Case in point -- our man Nomad is out on the set of the remake of The Crazies today, and then he'll be traveling to the set of Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 tomorrow. You can expect full set reports in the near future, but for now Nomad will be tweeting live from the sets!

The Stills That Time Forgot

I know ... a slow Monday news-wise. What a concept! Leave it to The Asylum to ruin our otherwise relaxing day by releasing some stills for their upcoming redux of The Land that Time Forgot. Bastards.

Zombie Apocalypse Coming: First Look!

The new wave of zombie videogame goodness continues with Zombie Apocalypse, due from Konami in September on the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

DVD Releases: April 7, 2009: Take a Shuttle to the House of Donkey Punches

With titles ranging from Donkey Punch to House to Shuttle to Vinyan, with a whole lot of strange in-between, there's definitely something for everyone again this week!

Dinner for Fiends: Knowing about the Haunting

All right, kids! Time to strap in for a double dose of DFF goodness as we tackle both The Haunting in Connecticut and Nicolas Cage's latest disasterpiece -- Knowing!

Mutant Chronicles Director Takes a Curve

Today is the day of seemingly dead projects coming back to life. Last year a proposed little flick called Curve was dead in the water, but now it's seeing some resuscitation in the form of Mutant Chronicles director Simon Hunter.

Jim Sheridan Builds a Dream House

What the hell is up with Connecticut lately? You don't hear anything about this beauty of a state for years, and now it's a horror hot spot! Well, at the very least the setting is, as director Jim Sheridan is set to build Morgan Creek's Dream House there.

Moranis Back for Ghostbusters 3

All this Ghostbusters 3 news is just gettin' me giddy, man! We knew all the original Busters we're coming back for more, but according to an interview with Entertainment Weekly Rick Moranis will be back in slime too!

Dark Hollow Getting the Film Treatment

Horror author Brian Keene and British Fantasy Award winning writer Paul Finch are working together to create Dark Hollow, a supposed return to the classic horror/monster movie based on Brian Keene's best selling novel of the same name. Nifty!

The Home Headed for the Big Screen

Fans of Scott Nicholson's book The Home (review here) have a big reason to smile today as the 2005 novel has been optioned by producer Lea Marin, with Sean Frewer attached to direct.

They Were ... Destined to be Ingested

Here at Dread Central we're notified about dozens of movies per week. Some look great, some look like shit, and some ... well, some are Destined to be Ingested!

JAWS -- of the Mississippi?

No, Jaws of the Mississippi is not the title of a recently discovered Mark Twain manuscript that pits Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin in a life-or-death battle with a Great White shark ("We're gonna need a bigger raft!"). It is, however, the title of a new killer shark movie involving a radioactive Great White prowling the freshwaters of the Mississippi River.

Repo - The Puppet Opera

Before his stellar Twilight: The Puppet Saga, Spooky Dan and the gang including Tammy Sutton, Brian Lopiano, Tom Zimmerman, Elissa Dowling, and Micah Galo gave the puppet treatment to Darren Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera. Get ready to become addicted to the ... string?

Exclusive: More on the IT Remake! Rated R?

Heard from Dave Kajganich, the writer of the upcoming theatrical remake of Stephen King's IT, recently, and he was kind enough to give us an update on how this massive story is being streamlined into one film.

Trailer for 12/24 Spreads X-Mas Fear!

We're sure most horror fans would like nothing more than to wake up on Christmas day to find current scream queen Tiffany Shepis wrapped up with a pretty bow under their trees, but you know what we want here at Dread Central? A full scale zombie invasion!