Behind-the-Scenes: The Horde

Some behind-the-scenes footage from the latest French zombie flick The Horde hit YouTube (where else?) today, and even though the clip isn't in English, we can take heart in the fact that hungry flesheaters speak a universal language!

*Update* Possible Cotton Casting News

It's been a couple of months since we last mentioned the cinéma-vérité style film Cotton from Scott Spiegel, Boaz Yakin, and Eli Roth's production company, Raw Nerve, but it seems as if there's finally some movement to report on.

Casting Update: Vampire Diaries: Renfield

Phil Nichols of Poison Apple Films wrote in to us today with a quick update on the cast of Vampire Diaries: Renfield, which includes one very interesting candidate for a lead role.

Night of the Creeps on DVD in October

Yes, you read that headline right and it is NOT a lame-ass April Fool's joke. Apparently we as fans are about to get a wish fulfilled that we've been waiting for forever.

Venom Runs Silent

Since we've already had Snakes on a Plane and Snakes on a Train, that means both air and land are covered. Which must mean it’s now time for the snakes to go underwater? That's exactly what we'll get when Silent Venom surfaces onto DVD this June - snakes in a sub.

Teaser Trailer for The Tortured

An early trailer for Twisted Pictures' latest foray into revenge and darkness, Rob Lieberman's The Tortured, popped up online today, and as always we've got you covered for a quick look!

Early Saw Video Game Screens and Details

Though it seemed to be in a spot of trouble for a while, the first bit of art and screenshots for Konami's Saw: The Video Game have quietly made their way online. Hey! At least we know it's coming, right?

Update on Richard Kelly's The Box

Fans of Donnie Darko and, more importantly, director Richard Kelly will be happy to hear that his next film, The Box, is very much on track. In fact, tonight Kelly doled out quite a few facts about his next feature.

Sales Art for Slave

Stagnight producer Darryn Welch is set to take the director's chair for his latest film Slave, and his first order of business? Enslave Bloodrayne II's Natassia Malthe. Can you blame him?

Stagnight Art and Stills

It's been just over a year since last we talked about Peter A. Dowling's Stagnight, and though there's still no official release in sight, we do have some new images and sales art for you.

Destroy Your Neighborhood Now!

Ever wanna just lay waste to your surroundings, or even the surroundings of a good friend or enemy? Then Fox Home Entertainment has the perfect way for you to get out your aggression!

FEARnet: A Call to Arms

Those of you who are aware of our history understand that we know a thing or two thousand about televised horror. So now the question beckons - how much longer must we get jerked around before we have a channel on TV for horror fans to call their own?

Excusive Clip - House

Looking to gear up for the April 7th DVD release of House? It is sporting one hell of a cast -- Bill Moseley, Leslie Easterbrook, Lew Temple ... wait, wasn't this once called The Devil's Rejects? Oh wait ... entirely different movie. Even weirder? This is one of them newfangled Christian horror films! Time to get your Christ on with an exclusive clip!

Cirque du Freak Open For Business in 2010

Good news for those of you anxiously awaiting the release of Cirque du Freak! Universal has finally given the film an official release date!

Vinyan Clips Online

Five clips from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment went online today to celebrate the film's DVD release on April 7th, 2009, and we've got every single one of them for you! Check them out below, and if interested, pre-order the flick by clicking on the link to our EVILShop on Amazon! Official Synopsis: