Screen Gems Finds Terror Within

The folks we have taking care of our kids have played a bit of a dual role in our favorite horror flicks. Some are born to be stalked, and others? Well, others do the stalking.

DVD Releases: March 3, 2009: The Silence of the Attack Girls

Kind of slim pickin's this week (well, there are those sultry Asian Swim Team members), but on Tuesday, March 3rd, the following DVDs will be hitting the street.

SOTA Toys Brings Death to Life

You've just gotta love SOTA Toys. As soon as it seems they've reached the pinnacle of badassery, they drop another cool figure on us that absolutely must become part of our collections.

B.T.K.: Bind, Torture, Kane?

Sometimes I wonder if Kane Hodder doesn't take that "KILL" lip tattoo a little too seriously. Hopefully he won't get "BIND" and "TORTURE" tattooed in his nostrils in honor of the May release of his latest direct-to-DVD offering, B.T.K.

Experience the Terror of Boob!

My inner Foy was released today upon learning the trailer for short film "Boob", which was written and directed by the team of Jon Milott and Cary Murnion, also known as Honest (honest!), popped up online recently.

Abrams Talks New Cloverfield

One of my favorite films of last year was without question Cloverfield. It gave me, a huge monster movie fan, everything that I was looking for and, in this crappy cinema climate, needed. This weekend at WonderCon Abrams did a little talking about the franchise's future.

Pontypool Clips Now Online

Ready for some kick ass clips from Pontypool? I know you are, and we've got several for you to peruse. Get in here and start diggin' on the goodness!

Take a Shuttle to Terror

Edward Anderson’s Shuttle will begin its limited theatrical run very soon and we've got the dates and venues for you to step up and take the ride!

First Look at Caroline Williams in Zombie's Halloween 2

Continuing his trend of posting pictures from the set of his new film, Rob Zombie today posted a pic of Caroline (TCM2) Williams in character.

Ready for an Orgy of Blood?

There are three words in this world that when put together bring a huge smile on my face ... Orgy of Blood. It just kind of makes me wanna participate, ya know? At the very least for a quick rub down.

Five New Last House on the Left Clips

Can't wait until its release date of March 13th and need your fix of Last House on the Left right now? We've got a little something to whet the old whistle. Five clips and a new TV spot.

Re-Animator Redux Coming ... in 3D?!?

Most of us are fans of the film Re-Animator, and honestly, if you're not, I really have to wonder what the hell you're doing here. Suffice it to say that if the visage of a head giving head doesn't instantly bring a smile to your face, then you should be surfing elsewhere. Well, after countless stories about the next chapter, we finally have some news that seems concrete.

The Birds Remake Just Might Be 3D

MarketSaw recently had an opportunity to chat with actress Brenna Lee Roth and managed to get a particularly interesting bit of information. The upcoming remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is not only moving forward; it might just even be in 3D!

First My Bloody Valentine 3D DVD / Blu-ray News

The first early word is in as to when fans can expect to see Patrick Lussier's My Bloody Valentine 3D hitting home, and personally I can't wait to see it again. If only to wash the stagnant taste out of my mouth from the other slasher redux that's now haunting theatres.

The Weekly Wrap-Up: February 22-28, 2009

If, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then The Weekly Wrap-Up has gotten me well on my way to Purgatory. The goal has always been to get something up each and every week, but too many times this year already there was so much going on that I had to forego my Wrap-Up duties.