Tenney's Brain Dead Gets Limited Release

Rarely do indie films get me giddy, but all the stuff I've seen for Kevin Tenney's old school Eighties style zombie opus Brain Dead (review) has brought more than just one smile to my face. The good news? Come March 30th, 2009, some of you lucky bastards will have a chance to see it on the big screen as part of its limited theatrical run!

Hot Toys' Terminator: Salvation 1/6th Scale John Connor

The good folks over at Hot Toys provided us with several images of their latest collectible, Terminator: Salvation 1/6th Scale John Connor, and this thing looks real enough to have a profanity laden meltdown!

Dennis Iliadis Sets His Sights on a Cure

Well, his redux version of Last House on the Left hits the big screen tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean director Dennis Iliadis is resting on his laurels. Iliadis is already preparing for his next project.

Orphanage Director is NOT Directing Eclipse

Well, I guess the lesson here, kids, is that it pays to check your facts!

More Nazi Zombie Mayhem for Call of Duty: World at War

Yeah, I know. A story about Call of Duty: World at War on Dread Central. Well, any gamer who's worth their salt knows the reason for this -- Nazi Zombie Mode! The good news? Come March 19th, we're gonna be getting more of it!

Orphan Trailer Now Online

The trailer for Dark Castle Entertainment's newest spooker, Orphan, went live today on MySpaceTV, and I gotta say it doesn't look too shabby. We need a good killer kid movie, damnit!

From the WTF? Files: Troll 2 Part 2

We've been reporting for a short while now about the planned Troll remake. Now comes word that filmmaker Claudio Fragrasso wants to make a direct sequel to his now legendarily awful Troll 2. Holy nilbog!

Stephen King's IT Remake Going Theatrical

Warner Bros. isn't clowning around on the remake front as it is sending everyone's favorite clown Pennywise back into the spotlight for a theatrical redux of Stephen King's novel IT to be produced by Lin Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment.

Night of the Demons in Theatres October

If there's one remake I'm actually looking forward to, it's Adam Gierasch's take on the 1988 classic Night of the Demons. The original flick totally rocked, and Adam is just disturbed enough to really make this one work!

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans DVD Specs

Per usual, DVD Active got the early word on the special features that'll be found on the Underworld: Rise of the Lycans disc when it hits DVD and Blu-ray on May 12, 2009.

Laid to Rest Gets Limited Run

Before the DVD release date of April 21, 2009, you'll be able to check out Robert Hall's Laid to Rest in all of its gory glory up on the big screen!

IFC Films Horror Trailer Blow-out

In the mood for a look at some killer upcoming indie horror films? You know that you are! The good folks at IFC Films hit us off with several new trailers from their genre catalogue, some of which are available for your viewing pleasure right now On Demand!

Versus Changes the Rules for Resident Evil 5

Well, gamers, if you aren’t satisfied enough with the straight-up version Resident Evil 5 after its release tomorrow, Capcom is stepping up the game a bit with the introduction of Versus.

New & Classic Resident Evil Set to Invade Wii

Okay, as a Wii owner, one of my biggest complaints is the lack of truly badass games out there. After all, there’s only so much bowling and Super Mario Galaxy a girl can play!

Dead Sucks Set for Premiere This Weekend

For those of you who are planning to attend Philadelphia’s Backseat Film Fest this weekend, you are in for a special treat.