Dushku Not Sure About Open Graves

Remember the Eliza Dushku movie Open Graves? Don’t worry for your short-term memory if you say “no”; the last time we actually had anything to say about it was just under a year ago. So what the hell is going on with it?

Elton John to Produce Pride & Predators

You may recall just a few days back we did a story about how the soon to published novel, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, was already being looked at as a possible film adaptation. Well, either someone out there moved very quickly on ripping the project off, or there’s a few people in Hollywood who think alike...

S.I.C.K. the Franchise?

Do you remember an Artisan DVD release from a few years back called S.I.C.K. (reivew), an acronym that stood for Serial Insane Clown Killer? For those of you that do, is a sequel something you've been longing for? It doesn't matter what you think one way or another because 2 S.I.C.K. is finally becoming a reality.

Toy Fair '09: NECA Goodies Galore!

After many hours of work, toiling away at a hot laptop, finally the arduous and daunting task of re-sizing and editing hundreds of pictures is complete. For now! I exaggerate, but compiling these image galleries really is a pain in the ass sometimes.

Fuller & Padalecki Talk Friday Sequel

The folks behind Platinum Dunes have had a very good weekend. They’ve made a lot of money and shown once again that horror can still not only lead, but dominate the box office. So of course the talk of a sequel has begun already...

REC 2 Teaser Trailer

Spanish moviegoers are going to get a special treat when they head out to see Slumdog Millionaire this Friday in the form of the first teaser for REC 2. Since most of us won't get to see it, the kind folks over at Aullidos have uploaded it for your eyeballs!

Author Talks Pontypool Film

This morning we got a heads up from a video producer up in Toronto, Canada, who recently got the chance to sit down with Pontypool author/screenwriter Tony Burgess to talk about the film. Instead of hording the info for themselves, they’ve put the interview up on YouTube for all to enjoy, so you can check it out below!

DVD Releases: Blu Seed Train

Lots of Blu-ray releases hit on Tuesday, February 17th, but most importantly the badass sci-fi/horror hybrid Alien Raiders is finally here. I don’t care what you’ve thought of past Raw Feed releases, this one will kick you in the ass and call you Nancy!

Cold Spots: The Banta Inn

Banta (Tracy), CA - Off the beaten path, away from large cities and burghs, there are small towns with curious histories. Travelers stop to brush away the road dust and enjoy a hearty meal while soaking in some of the local atmosphere. Between the tables there’s a faint mist that floats without benefit of a breeze, accompanied by the sounds of a crying child. Behind the bar, a man stands ready, dutifully handing out cold long-necks, but he knows he’s just holding the space.

Friday the 13th Interviews!

Just a heads up in case you didn’t notice it; this weekend we posted two audio interviews with the cast of Friday the 13th, one with Jared Padalecki and one with the new Jason, Derek Mears.

Final Lesbian Vampire Killers Trailer!

The final trailer & poster for the upcoming UK horror/comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers just hit the weird wide web this morning, and of course we got our greedy paws on it as soon as possible. With a title like that, how could we pass it up?

Toy Fair 09: New Mezco!

Nomad just turned in the first batch of toy photos from this year’s Toy Fair, currently stomping it’s way through New York City. The other day we showed you guys the Ghostbusters and Terminator 2 Minimates from Diamond Select, now we’ve got a whole batch of goodies from Mezco to show off!

Barker Talks Tortured Souls Movie

Clive Barker sat down the folks at Fearnet this weekend to jaw about the Midnight Meat Train DVD (review), and at one point the subject of the long-suffering Tortured Souls movie came up in the conversation.

Alien Raiders: Exclusive Interviews and Clip!

We've been talking an awful lot about the latest Raw Feed flick, Alien Raiders, here on Dread Central and for good reason -- it kicks a copious amount of ass! That being said, get ready for some exclusive goodies you won't find anywhere else, starting with interviews with Ben Rock, Mathew St. Patrick, and Carlos Bernard!

Chicago Weekend of Horrors Winners Announced!

In the Windy City and looking to spend some time with a few old dead friends? Well, we have your hook-up!