The Weekly Wrap-Up: April 26-May 2, 2009

Instead of specific films, TV shows, or books, the April 26-May 2, 2009, edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up focuses on the men and women behind them. The unsung heroes who give us their blood, sweat, and tears to ensure we have a good time while watching the screen or reading the page. To them, this Woman says, "Thanks for your efforts! And keep 'em coming!"

Magnolia Procures The Eclipse at Tribeca

Established playwright Conor McPherson can add another feather to his cap now that Magnolia has acquired his debut directorial project, The Eclipse (not to be confused with Eclipse, the 2nd Twilight sequel), at Tribeca 2009. The deal is also notable as the first major sale at the fest for the past several years.

Kevin Grevioux to Direct The Pale Horsemen

Kevin Grevioux is a very busy guy these days. Along with developing I, Frankenstein at Death Ray Films, the prolific writer will be making his directorial debut with the theatrical adaptation of his graphic novel The Pale Horsemen, which will be produced by Larry Meistrich's NEHST Studios.

Bob Dylan True Blood Promo

HBO is pulling out all the stops to promote the Season Two "True Blood" premiere. They've even enlisted the legendary Bob Dylan to lend his talents to the effort!

Dark Tower Talk

Get ready, King faithful. It looks like a big screen adaptation of The Dark Tower may be a little closer than we thought. JJ Abrams recently sat down with both IGN and MTV and slipped in a couple of slivers of Dark Tower-y goodness!

H2: The Haddonfield General Massacre

Even though Rob Zombie is hard at work editing the follow-up to his 2007 film, he did take a moment to slide fans a particularly gory still from Halloween 2 as per usual on his MySpace page.

UPDATED: Oh, Christ! Peter Jackson Back to Horror?

While the mainstream may know Peter Jackson from a series of small low-budget films like The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, horror fans know him from his very roots as a filmmaker when he was turning out fare like Bad Taste and Dead Alive. It was an amazing time to be a fan back then, and if all goes well, we may just be revisiting those glory days once more!

More Dead Rise! The Butcher Comes!

In this age of Swine Flu or whatever they're calling it today, we need a hero. And Sideshow Collectibles is giving us a 12" undead one as part of their stellar Dead series. Ladies and gentlemen, here's a sneak peek at Subject 16566: The Butcher!

US Trailer for Blood: The Last Vampire, Site

Finally there's some word on the US release of Blood: The Last Vampire! Hell, there's even a trailer and a website to dig on! It's a glorious day!

Cold Spots: The Battery Carriage House Inn

Charleston, SC – In the night a woman wakes. There’s someone in her room. She can hear him walk across the floor, feel his presence as he watches her still form, and can feel his weight when he lies down next to her, draping his arm across her body. She turns to see a pale figure, almost transparent in the moonlight, and screams. The figure gets up and makes a hasty retreat through the nearest wall. Outside her room something else awaits, its hideous growls resounding from its headless body. She looks from wall to door. Which should she choose?

Warner Acquires Rights to Death Note

If you've never checked out the Death Note series, brothers and sisters, you've been missing out. It's easily one of the single most captivating and visually arresting franchises around, and now through the magic of the remake, American audiences will be getting their very own version of the tale.

Marcus Nispel Boards the Demeter

Done screwing with our favorite slasher franchises for the time being, Marcus Nipel is in talks to offer his lens flare laden slant on yet another famous horror tale, The Last Voyage of Demeter, for Phoenix Pictures.

Russell Mulcahy: From Razorbacks to Tigershark Bait

Russell Mulcahy is no stranger to making movies involving ill-tempered animals. After all, this is the guy that gave us the killer giant boar flick Razorback, unleashed killer birds in Resident Evil: Extinction, and let's not forget he survived working with Alec Baldwin in The Shadow. So with the Piranha remake poised to make 3D killer fish movies all the rage, Mulcahy has signed on to direct the 3D tiger shark flick Bait.

Daimajin Returns to Japanese Television

Everyone knows Godzilla, most everyone knows Gamera, and lately even Guilala has been getting its due, but how many of you are familiar with Daimajin, the giant stone samurai statue that came to life to unleash hell upon evil shoguns in three Daiei films back in the Sixties? The giant stone samurai is roaring back to life this fall on Japanese TV.

Sasquatch Assault Trailer and Future Synthetic Monsters

What do you get when you cross Assault on Precinct 13 with a Bigfoot movie? Something that might look a little like Sasquatch Assault.